The Cast And Crew Of G4's X-Play Say Goodbye

Via Blair Herter, here's the cast and crew of G4's X-Play saying goodbye as they shoot their last episode. G4 cancelled X-Play, along with their other gaming-related shows, as part of a network-wide rebranding that will see G4 turning into an Esquire channel.


    1 - X-play and the EPL are the only 2 reasons I pay $80 a month for foxtel. Guess it's a good thing I still love football

    2 - How can I perve on Morgan Webb now?

    Bye G4

    Enjoy the next 6 months trying to attract a brand new audience when you start asking yourselves "WTF happened to 70% of our audience?" because you guys were too narrowminded to see that A: gamers and nerds dislike Frat-boy culture, B: Gamers and nerds are girls too, C: the average Jersey Shore cable TV Frat-boy viewer already dislikes G4 and refuse to believe that things can change.

    I feel like this is like reading Fanfiction based off "Revenge of the Nerds" after the Frat-boys stupidity caused them to burn Fraternity house down so they kicked the nerds out of their place to find a place to sleep.

    I wouldnt be suprised if they try to ressurect something like X-play on youtube. I'm sure the audience among the youtube community would demolish anything they would get on free2air/foxtel.
    i found this show has been very good for game reviews and was way more satisfying then the local australian "good game" show.

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