The Fastest Way To Ruin A Wii U Controller Is With These Hideous Stickers

Japanese peripheral company Hori, in its infinite widsom, has decided that the otherwise classy Wii U pad needs a little spicing up. So it has released a range of decals to help transform your expensive piece of consumer electronics into something that looks like a cheap Chinese knock-off.

OK, maybe that's being a little harsh. When the day comes when households own more than one of these things, they could help differentiate them. The sticker one being the one your crummy party guests have to use.

New Super Mario Bros. U Wii U GamePad skins [Tiny Cartridge]


    Just makes me think of the Guitar Hero stickers, which was also horrible

    Heinous. I don't think the Gamepad (or the console, actually) is a triumph in aesthetics, but I really hate stickers on things. I'm happy with black, thanks.

    The Blue Game Pad Sticker actually looks nice on a White Game Pad. But I would never make any of my consoles looks like $10 childrens toys.

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