The Figures And Other Loot Of Jump Festa 2013 (Giant Luffy Balloon Not Included)

Jump Festa, Shonen Jump's own convention, is a mix of manga, anime, video games, and card games. There are various events, art galleries, game booths, card tournaments, Jump-themed food stalls and endless amounts of stage shows.

But no matter where you look, there is one thing that permeates the entire show floor: an unending sea of buyable loot.

Some of the merchandise is available right there in the convention — whether hidden behind the Square Enix booth or off in the "original goods" area. Other items are just being previewed and won't be available for sale until sometime next year. But from One Piece to Final Fantasy, Dragon Ball to Monster Hunter, you'll certainly find something at Jump Festa that you just can't live without.

So look through the gallery above to see some of the best merchandise from Jump Festa this year.


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