The Google Play Store Is A Mess. Hooked Can Help.

The Google Play Store Is A Mess. Hooked Can Help.

With hundreds of thousands of games to choose from and few organisation options, Google Play isn’t the friendliest place to find something to play. It’s easy to get lost in the ever-growing sea of Android apps. Game discovery app Hooked is Google Play’s lighthouse.

There are a bunch of game discovery apps for Google Play, so many that one day soon we might need a game discovery app discovery app. If it’s worth its salt, that app would point to Hooked. While similar apps give recommendations based on the games you download, Hooked makes its picks based on what you play. That’s extremely important to a person that downloads a handful of apps every day to try out, playing them for a couple of minutes and then never going back.

Loading up Hooked on a relatively fresh Android-powered phone, I played a couple of my regular titles, rated some of the games I had installed reflexively, and let the recommendation engine do its thing. Most of the recommendations were games I already play and enjoy but had yet to install on the device. That means it’s working.

Hooked let’s gamers search free games, paid games or both, narrowing recommendations by specific genres. It learns your habits incredibly quickly — after a day or so of training I feel like it’s got my back.

On top of the recommendation engine, Hooked also acts as a convenient launch pad for all of your Android games, presenting the titles you own in an easy-to-navigate list. Plus it’s free, so there really is nothing to lose, other than the minutes spent trying to find your way through Google Play.

Hooked (free) [Google Play]


  • I completely disagree that the Play Store is a mess. As a user of both the Play Store and iTunes App store I find the Play Store to be much quicker and easier.

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