The Hilarious Reason They Called The Game Warface

Warface? WARFACE. The people behind one of gaming's most preposterous titles — a free-to-play shooter that somehow manages to combine the words "War" and "Face" without cracking a smile — have explained the rationale behind their decision.

Speaking to Rock Paper Shotgun in a recent Q&A (which is worth a read!), Crytek boss Cevat Yerli answers the most important question of all: why the hell did they call one of their games Warface?

Because I think it's very personal. I think it's a very social experience. Yes, it's a very strange word combination, but I wanted to express that it's a truly social FPS game. It's about war on a different scale — between corporate entities — but also, it's a shooter between you and your friends. That implies so many new kinds of possibilities with the social technology that we've invested over the last five years to build. So that's why we as a company keep going back to "face." It's very personal.



    I don't really think it's that odd of a word combination. When I hear it it conjures an image of some soldiers sitting in a troop carrier being driven to the conflict and a gruff Sergeant saying, "All right boys, put your warfaces on, it's ass kicking time", before they all unload from the carrier in the middle of a battlezone and start shooting everything that moves. In other words, the sort of image I imagine a war FPS wants people to think of.

      Exactly. No idea how this became the joke of the moment. Always assumed it was either a direct reference to Full Metal Jacket or just a reference to a soldier/player shutting off their normal self and switching in to fight mode. See also 'gameface'.

      I thought it was dumb at first, and then I remembered Full Metal Jacket too. Then I thought it was kind of brilliant.

    Isn't a 'warface' the scary expression a soldier wears when going into combat?

      I always imagined it as false bravado to help soldiers get through terrifying/harrowing experiences

    I always figured it was named after the warface scene from Full Metal Jacket

    (vid might contain NSFW language. cant remember.)

      Full Metal Disney warface (definitely NSFW):

    Thought it was a Full Metal Jacket reference - which is awesome. That dude's explanation however is entirely NOT awesome..

    So, is it pronounced "war face" or more like "surface" with a war?

    My warface is the look on my face right before I warjaculate in a big, messy, wargasm.

    You're welcome.

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