The Homebrew Channel Is Now Available For The Wii U's Wii Mode

If you were waiting for the Homebrew Channel to make an appearance on Nintendo's latest console before transitioning from the Wii, you're now a step closer. HackMii has announced the availability of HBC for the Wii U's Wii mode.

Unfortunately, there's still no Homebrew Channel for the Wii U itself and it's hard to say when it will make an appearance, if ever. That said, Nintendo's consoles have never been on the cutting-edge of exploit foiling, but that might have changed with the Wii U. It's wait and see, as usual.

A post about the new installer explains why HBC for the Wii U's compatibility mode was not made available sooner:

Despite all of the anti-reverse-engineering tricks we put into our last instalment of the HackMii Installer, Nintendo managed to find the IOS exploit we used to install The Homebrew Channel and fix it sometime within the last two years. There never was a Wii system update for this, the fixed IOS versions can only be found on a Wii U.

If you're feeling brave, you can download the installer from BootMii. Personally, I'd wait another version or two and see how other users are finding it.

HBC release for a new Wii U [HackMii]

Image: Wikipedia / Marcan, licensed under Creative Commons 3.0


    I think I might wait to see what happens if they put out a future update for the wii u to try and brick homebrew consoles, need to have my USB Loader GX.

      Bricking never happened with 3DS, it was just a bluff.

        Bricking wont happen because its illegal to intentionaly modifiy the product so it doesnt work...thats why people only get banned from online services
        only bricking example i can think of was microsoft corrupting saves on banned consoles and i believe that was in place for all of 3 months before it was reversed

      Doubt it'll brick, but the Wii mode is totally disabled when your system has a pending system update, so if you have your WiiU online it's only a matter of time before this gets shut out by a patch, whether you choose to download it or not.

    Blah blah blah Wii U is dead blah blah blah.

    Considering the Vita had this happen to it and people immediately condemned it to death, now it's Nintendo's turn to suffer.

      Oo I don't think the Wii-U will be dead from this, even after they fully crack it, the vita was just a poorly made handheld, same as the PSP.

      It already has happened to Nintendo.
      Multiple times. It's called the Nintendo cycle.

      Errr what now? did you actually read the article?? its only the Wii that's been hacked on the Wii U - which isn't so exciting, the Wii has been hacked for how many years now?

    If I've understood what I've read correctly, Nintendo has blocked IOS modification on the Wii U's Wii Mode. So, all non-IOS modifying Homebrew apps will work, but custom IOS (cIOS), which were required for most/all "backup loaders" (and for piracy), will cease to function.

    That said, given that the HackMii installer installs it's own, specialised cIOS to install the Homebrew Channel (or so the story goes), Team Twiizers seems to have found a way around the IOS modification block. So perhaps Wii-mode backup loaders will make a comeback someday.

    Frankly I hope the WiiU side of things is never cracked, or at least not for several years. If a console is cracked wide open this early, it's gonna be a death sentence. It's already a risk for a developer to write for a brand new platform, let alone one that's open to piracy right off the bat.

    Then again I've been saying the same about the Vita and that hasn't stopped people from not writing games for it :)

    Arrrrgh!!! So close yet so far! Shiver me timbers, I hope the sun shines on this matey, I can't wait to pillage and plunder aboard the ss wii u ;)

    I was confident the Wii U wouldn't be anywhere near as easy to hack as the Wii U, even making an ass of myself to point out Nintendo's newfound focus on security since the 3DS. I was dumbstruck and amazed when I heard "the homebrew channel now works on the Wii U".

    However, since they used the classic approach of using the HW_AHBPROT flag to get direct access to hardware and simply changed the channel ID (again), it's no surprise they were able to do this. As I had previously thought, the Wii U (even the Wii mode) is still technically unhack/unpirateable, as all useful homebrew relies on IOS modification, which the Wii U outright blocks from day one.

      as easy to hack as the Wii U

      as easy to hack as the Wii*

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