The Lich...Queen? Sephiroth Swimsuit Shots? It Can Only Be A Cosplay Roundup

This week's roundup of the best in cosplay features the two images listed in that headline. Both of them as amazing as they are unlikely.

But they're far from the only standout shots. There's some amazing Zelda cosplay that looks like it was actually shot in a dungeon. A Warhammer 40K couple. Even some Fate/Extra! cosplay, which you don't exactly see every day. Or any day, aside from this one.

As seen on Starlightslk.

As seen on Vash-Fanatic.

As seen on Nyxiie.

As seen on IchigoKitty.

As seen on TanyaCroft.

As seen on thecrystalshoe.

As seen on BlackMageAlodia.

As seen on vega147.

As seen on Kelume.

As seen on alberti.


    that second last one looks like Hex from GG! Cept with bigger boobs

    Does masturbating to this make me a bad person? If so, I'm going straight to HELL! YEAH BABY YEAH! WOULD YOU LIKE SOME OF THAT!

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