The Nintendo 64 Finally Gets A Pro, Dual-Stick Controller

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Oh boy, don't get me started on the Nintendo 64 controller. I hated it. Hated the weird layout, hated the fact the analogue stick would always get loose. These days, Nintendo wisely offers alternatives to their "wacky" controllers in the form of Classic and Pro pads for the Wii and Wii U respectively, but we were out of luck with the N64.

Oh, except for Alex Clark, who decided the hell with it, and made an N64 Pro Controller anyway. Reshaping the original casing, bringing in a second stick and moving the buttons around, he's got something that not only looks like something Nintendo might have released, but which will work on an actual N64 and play games just fine.

It's the logical conclusion to an older project of Alex's we featured here, where he stuck two pads together to let you play games like Pod Racer a little easier.

N64 Pro Controller (a little sideline project) — COMPLETED [Bacman]


    i guess i must be the only person on the planet who liked the N64 Controller.

      No, I did too. Really comfortable.

      Though I didn't like the way the thumb stick was hard to grip if your hands were even slightly sweaty, or the way they'd grind themselves into non-functionality if you used them too much (i.e. more than a couple of months)

      Now, if they released an N64 controller with modern stick technology, I'd buy it in a heartbeat.

        I dunno, I had no trouble with my second controller's stick (which I got after Mario Party came and went :P), and it got put through years of service. Still holds nice and tight with only the slightest of wobble. Even the ones that did get ground away on Mario Party are still pretty decent. As opposed to my cousins' pads which are all but useless now. Imo it's down to the user and how well they take care of their things, because they certainly aren't that type :P

        That said, there's some awesome new control stick modules that you can swap out for the old grindy one. They only cost about $10 or so and are totally sweeeeeeeeet. It's basically like a GCN stick's mechanism, and all you need is a screwdriver to open up the controller (thank god they were still using phillips head screws on those things). It's a little bit of a bitch to pop off the old module's connector, but after that you're golden.

        Can't quite see it in that photo, but rather than the stick part going down into a deep well in the dark grey part like the stock sticks, there's a spherical surface sitting just below the level of the octagonal hole.

          I was going to say the same thing, those GCN style sticks rule in the N64 controller (which is still to this day my second favourite controller, after the GCN's). Still feels heaps better than the PS3 or Xbox's!

    No D-pad?
    how am I supposed to play WWF No Mercy with this?

    Having 3 prongs was a silly idea but it still got the job done. The analog sticks were terrible though. After excessive use they became useless. Went through a few of these controllers and now most barely functioned correctly. Thank goodness Nintendo have changed their analog sticks.

    I did get a few thirdparty ones and some that didnt even have the 3rd prong.

    That'd be great, but for only a couple of games...
    What about all those that used thed c-buttons as buttons and also usd the dpad?

      Yeah i'm thinking Killer Instinct Gold and Mortal Kombat 4 would fail with this controller.

    They were surprisingly ergonomic. Only Problem is the shitty joysticks being loose and wobbly.

    I had no real issue with the N64 controller to be honest.

    This thing is all wrong anyway. No D-pad, and seems like a lot of wasted space.

    Well you could always get this

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