The Ouya Is Real. Here’s An Unboxing

The Ouya Is Real. Here’s An Unboxing

After millions of dollars, a ton of excitement and a spoonful of trepidation, the first Ouya consoles begin shipping to developers (and cashed-up Kickstarter backers) today.

Yup. Today. Meaning this thing ceases to be a wispy project existing only on your monitor, and becomes a real console. One that’ll soon be jostling with all kinds of products for attention and money.

Above, you can see an unboxing of the device, giving the world its first real good look at an actual Ouya. Boy, it’s tiny.


  • I cant wait to get mine, i’m probably going to get laughed and and probably called an idiot for buying one.

    I have a tendency of buying useless crap, i also put a pledge in for one of those Lifx LED globes.

  • Colour me impressed!!!! I like what I see. I get it’ll mainly be android apps but the fact is theres a number of Tegra 3 powered games out there that impress me quite a bit so I’m definitely interested.

  • Microsoft, Nintendo, and Sony take note. It actually comes with a HDMI cable included in the box!

    I wonder what the landscape is going to be like with this, the Steambox, and the next gen consoles (Wii U, Xbox 720, and PS4)…

    Maybe an indie gamers paradise?

    • You do realise the Wii U comes with a HDMI cable included with both the Basic and Premium packs right?

      Also considering that HDMI has basically become the default connection for most media devices nowadays I honestly would be surprised if the next PlayStation and Xbox didn’t come with a HDMI cable included.

      Edit: Damnit Ben J. . . not even a minute before me.

  • They said in the video all the games are free to play. Does that mean they are actually free or trials or in game paid items?

      • Indeed. Either with 1 or 2 free levels then buy the rest, or supported by ads ala Angrybirds. Alternatively, it may even be supported by microtransactions like some other games. Certain games do this succesfully, others less so…

  • still dont really see the point, it will be weaker than smart phones by the time it comes out. it isnt a proper competitor to the main 3 consoles.

    • I wouldn’t mind if it plays flash like games… it should still be fun to play something like the Last Stand on the telly

  • I’m a backer of the Ouya and my main reason for backing it isn’t the games, its the Emu’s. [Abbreviated for the trolls].
    It looks like there is already a growing community behind releasing Emulators for Ouya and if they run well, I’ll be selling my retro collection and using the Ouya as my history box.

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