The PlayStation 2 Just Began Its Victory Lap, Ceases Shipping In Japan

We've joked about its refusal to die before, but today, finally, the console begins its march into the history books. Having sold over 150 million units since its release in 2000, the PlayStation 2 has today ceased shipping to Japanese retailers, meaning once remaining stock is gone, it's gone.

The console was first released in Japan on March 4, 2000 and in those 12 years has become — by a longshot — the biggest-selling home video game console of all time.

While the end was inevitable — it was nearly 13 years old! — it's a little sad the old warhorse couldn't survive just a little bit longer and live to see its grand-child, the next Sony PlayStation.

プレイステーション2の日本国内での出荷が本日(2012年12月28日)で完了 [Famitsu]


    my second favourite console of all time, after my Megadrive. So long friend.

    Ah yes, my PS2 died a few years back now, was something rediculas like nearly 10 years old when it died. My PS3's going on 5 or 6 years now itself, but i will never forget my ps2 gaming days of Killzone, FFX, FFXII, GT Concept/4, NFS: U2, Jak 3, Warhammer 40,000: Fire Warrior just to name the few faves that come to mind :)

    Probably tide favourite along with the snes and ps1 just for shear amount of awesome rpgs it had.

    I have never had a Playstation, It was all Nintendo until I got an Xbox 360. Despite this I do remember playing Playstation 2's with mates. It has had a long run and I have respect for Sony for keeping it alive for so long.

    One of the best machines ever. I hope the PS4 manages to out do it. I love my PS3 to bits but the PS2 just had something more.

      Absolutely. I sold my PS2 once I got the 3rd... but the 3rd isn't the same.

      And now they put ads on the dash and stuff... I'm not hanging out for the 4th, even though I'm sure it'll be an amazing machine.

    PS2 was my best console of last generation. Once i bought it, my Gamecube and Xbox where basically collecting dust.

    irony of this is, i've been looking for one to buy for ages - super hard to find brand new in box

    I got my Ps2 back in 2002 on Christmas day along with Kingdom Hearts. Even though I was 4 back then I played the shit out of it for hours and in 2006, the laser burnt out. Crying and stuff for months I got the slim Ps2 on Boxing Day, choosing it over the Ps3 (I still don't have one now). And now it's near the end of 2012, my Ps2 still working (and still playing now), I'd like to say, Sony you made the past 10 years of my life awesome and I thank you very much. I shall keep my Ps2 alive for as long as I can :)

    As I developer I honestly don't know why it sold so much. The thing was ABYSMAL to try to work on, and you got NO support from Sony unless you were a first party developer.

    So long. 150 million units and 13 years of awesomeness. So many memories of playing with friends. Farewell.

    still got my ps1 and ps2 (playing castlevania symphony of the night on the ps1 atm) so many great games sumone needs to get the greats out on steam NOW!

    Getting my sister-in-law's old PS2 now that she has finally gone HD and grabbed a PS3. I will soon have an entire Playstation set! (does a happy dance)

    I actually just acquired a PS2 this year. Yes i know i'm WAY behind but once upon a time while i was young and only earned pocket money i only had one console, and that was the Gamecube, after i traded my N64 in and before i traded that in for an Xbox.

    Now i earn my own money and i own about 7 different consoles (not counting handhelds) and i've always wanted to experience what the fuss was with Metal Gear Solid, God Of War, Shadows Of The Colossus, FFX, KIngdom Hearts, Jax And Daxter, Beyond Good And Evil (i didnt know they had Xbox and GC ports at the time) etc etc I have even found a Half Life port at a Cash Converters, so my time with the PS2 has only begun.

    Bear in mind i did own a PS1 once upon a time, and i got that too, along with Crash Bandicoot 3. Good times.

    p.s they were right about MGS, the cutscenes are stupidly long. Great game though.

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    I want to cry.

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