The Soviets Made A Hobbit Movie In 1985. It's So Terrible It's Incredible.

And you can watch it right here.

It's missing characters like Beorn, and entire sections of the story like the trolls, but you can still catch the gist. Well, sort of. If you speak Russian.

The project was unlicensed by Tolkien's estate, and its full name in English was "The Fairytale Journey of Mr. Bilbo Baggins, The Hobbit".

The Hobbit (1985 television film) [Tolkien Gateway, via Laughing Squid]


    I like how they didn't shoot this film in 48p.

      The movie is fine in 48fps. And its the first time its been used in mainstream cinema, it will improve. Now build a bridge and get the fuck over it.

    Them some big dwarves - Plunkett would fit right in :P

    I do not get it. Folks keep on saying (the critics that is) that the Hobbit was not a good flick or that it was just average. I think it was leaps and bounds better than Fellowship of The Ring. Maybe just a step or to lower than The Two Towers and Return of The King.

    Fantastic movie. That pile of crap linked in this article....well....that is another story.
    By the way, I hope that as time goes by they (the film companies) realise that 3D should be shot and burned and that things like 48p should be invested in. I think that this tech has a long way to go, but when it gets there in the end, it will be fantastic.

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