The Steam Holiday Sale Is Now Live

Stockings ready? Wallets out? Steam's holiday sale has begun.

Right now there are sales on a whole bunch of franchises, including Hitman, Prince of Persia and many others. You can get Borderlands 2 for $US30 and all of its DLC for relatively cheap, for example.

There are also some big publisher bundles: $US90 gets you a whole bunch of Bethesda games, including Skyrim and Dishonored. And for $US70 you can get heaps of of indie games including Mark of the Ninja and Ys Origins.


    It begins!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Hitman so tempting, but am holding out for Far Cry 3, I Am Alive, Dead Light, Mark of the Ninja and Sleeping Dogs. Stuff you family I'm getting myself Xmas presents.

    So far form this sale I have.... reinstalled Mirror's Edge for another replay and getting ready to play some more BL2, but in co-op with a mate who just got it.

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      Wish I'd waited. I HATE that I can't activate a retail code on steam.
      Worse still I HATE that i have to install ANOTHER DRM program (uPlay) to play..

    Hanging out for blops 2. Sad i know... And anything else that is ridiculously cheap..

      Historically, CoD never gets the Steam sale treatment. You might get 25% off. I wouldn't expect much more of a discount than that unfortunately.

      blops 2 is a Steamworks game from memory, so you can purchase retail (ie. import) and activate it on steam.

      Got blops 2 from for $43 at launch, you may be able to get it cheaper now.

    Oh dear, here we go again. Wallet forgive me, for I know not what I do.

    My one question for Gabe: why do steam sales start the day after payday? Every. Single. Time.

      Happy coincidences. Was looking for a last second gift for my partner!

      But seriously, they probably did some research into this, especially with regards to spending habits of consumers. For all we know, there could be a 'common pay schedule' that has been discovered with regards to this form of cycle. Would make sense, spend all your hard eared cash on goods before you have the chance to spend it on silly things like rent/mortgage, bills, food

      /darts eyes while putting tinfoil hat on

    There is already some great deals the indie super mega pack is a great deal and if i didn't already have 70% of the games i would buy it. I'm waiting to see how much further some of the games i'm after come down, best deal so far to me seems to be both Batman Arkham Asylum and City for about $12.50 will be gifting that to a friend or two.

    Viewing the steam site on my iPad, and most of the links have the incorrect picture on them... Fail

    Best Deal so far is the THQ Collection for $25. Obvious buy if you don't already own 90% of it. Heck, it's still a good buy for me even for the two games I don't already have on there.

      I suspect a lot of people would already own most of the THQ games, from the Humble Bundle a few weeks ago.

        Yeah, exactly. I got the bundle and I'd bought the THQ collection a couple of years ago as well. Just Darksiders 2 and Space Marine that I don't own.

    Holding out for Walking Dead :D

      Ill buy walking dead for my sister and brother in law if it becomes cheap enough. They don't normally play "those sort of games" but I think this one is different to other adventure games.

    Here is our end of the world.. err.. I mean wallets! Nice timing valve! :P

    There's no games i currently 'want'. But that wont stop me buying stuff!

    Too many sales means I already have the games I want for the next month or so..

    That is all...

    Damn it, between GoG's end of the world sale and Valve's holiday sale,
    *Music Starts to Play*

    ♫ I'll be broke this Christmas ♫
    ♫ A cash strapped certainty ♫
    ♫ These amazing deals just wont stop ♫
    ♫ Calling out to me ♫

    ♫ The Steam sales will find me ♫
    ♫ The GoG will land another blow ♫
    ♫ Will spend so much money, without even trying ♫
    ♫ Buying Dungeon Keeper and the Third Saints Row ♫

    ♫ I'll be broke this Christmas ♫
    ♫ An empty wallet guaranteed ♫
    ♫ I just can't help it, buying all the while ♫
    ♫ I think I need therapy ♫

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