The Wii U GamePad Sure Looks Easy To Break

Longtime owners of Nintendo hardware know how the handhelds and game machines have always been built tough. In recent years, that seems less true (DS Lite hinge problems, anyone?). And even less so for Nintendo's newest hardware, the Wii U.

In Japan, a Twitter user uploaded this pic of a busted GamePad, writing that it fell less than a foot, off the sofa and onto the floor. This wasn't even 24 hours after getting the Wii U, which was released in Japan this weekend.

So, if you do own a Wii U, please be careful. This doesn't look like a Game Boy you can take to war.

明日修理に出します [@norinori2222]

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    This tablet, not brought to you by Samsung. Seriously, I dropped my sgs2 today, the back popped off, battery popped out and it landed face down on tiles, I actually chipped the tile lol. No damage to the phone. Nada. None. This controller shocks me, I thought they were sturdier?

      Lucky that wasn't a Nokia, you would have made a huge-ass hole in your floor.

    This is the reason Dark Souls isn't available on the Wii U.

      But ZombiU is and trust me, i've come pretty close to some hurling of the pad.

    Less than a foot? Really...? Onto an upside down jackhammer...?
    They don't seem to be the sturdiest things... but I find this hard to believe.

    No sofa is less than a foot tall, even in Japan. I call shennanigans.

    Strange, I saw a drop test on YouTube. Dropped from 4 feet multiple times onto concrete, few scratches on the plastic but it worked fine.

    How does the crack appear in that spot? The joysticks above would surely take the impact.

      Yeah it looks like the lower right of the screen has been struck. It's possible that it fell onto an object, or hit the corner of a piece of furniture, but it looks suspiciously like someone's just hit it with a hammer.

    I call bullshit on that story about the falling

    Saw the drop test on youtube as well. Looks like it has been struck with force on purpose & if this wasn't faked we would've heard about a similar story from the US much earlier.

    fake, fall damage doesn't look like that. Cracks from falling are generally a single big line across the entire surface.

      Not really. Drop an iPhone on its edge and you'll most likely see it spider out from the point of impact, similar to the Wii-U screen shown in the article, only the trauma point will be on the edge. I've had a few friends who have done this to their phone.

    The 4 foot drop test x3 Wii U gamepad

    one clown supposedly drops it 1 foot once and destroys it?

    You can't trust stories like this. The gamepad could have been broken any number of ways, by who knows what kind of person. For all we know it's a Nintendo hater just putting bad publicity out there. Funny we didn't hear any stories like this out of the U.S. for the first two weeks of launch

      A Nintendo hater, who hated Nintendo so much they blew several hundred on the new console just to break it? Sounds likely.

        Several hundred isn't much to Sony corp.

          I dunno, these days it kinda is ;)

    I call BS.
    The origin of the crack looks like someone either jagged it with something, it fell on a sharp cornered object or it was stood on.
    Thats not what something looks like when its dropped and cracked.

    it fell less than a foot, off the sofa
    this is gamer code for "i threw it across the room"

    it looks like he dropped a tv remote on it

      Was his TV remote a hammer? Seriously, he'd need to drop something heavy, or something jagged to make that kind of damage. I'd say weight-wise it'd need to be probably upwards of a pound.

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