The Wii U’s Infamous Day-One Update Will Be Around For A While

The Wii U’s Infamous Day-One Update Will Be Around For A While

As with most new console debuts, the Wii U launch has been rocky. The part that has gotten most consumers complaining is an hours-long, 1GB patch required to access many of the system’s features. Nintendo president Satoru Iwata has even apologised for it. Nevertheless, that annoying experience won’t be going away anytime soon.

In an interview with Gamasutra, Nintendo of America’s Reggie Fils-Aime said the update’s software won’t be included in the Wii U’s built-in OS until sometime next year. That means that consumers buying the Wii U will still need to apply the update for the foreseeable future. Fils-Aime says that this is simply the cost of being “ground-breaking”:

“Every time we launch a new system, there are significant challenges. There’s everything from supply to making sure the new offering meet our expectations. In the digital, connected services area, much of what we’re doing is groundbreaking, so we are having to learn as we go to make sure the consumer has the very best experience possible.”

He also explains that the much-hyped Nintendo TVii streaming service — which would have the console and GamePad interact with various home entertainment options — yet wasn’t good enough to be part of the Wii U experience:

“On launch day for us, Nintendo TVii wasn’t at a point where we wanted it to be,” he said. “It was not the compelling innovative product we wanted it to be and we needed it to be.”

Nintendo’s Fils-Aime unfazed by Wii U’s launch hiccups [Gamasutra]


  • This update was less than an hour(closer to half an hour) for me. I really don’t see it as that big a deal.

  • Oh please, the update takes around forty minutes, and you can do a background download. 1GB is tiny.

    People were just blowing this out of proportion, as I remember getting my PS3 a while back, having to update it, then having to let the games install, blah blah blah. It was a good two hours before I even got to play a game.

    • Completely agree. Was fifty minutes – have waited longer than that on ps3 just to install a downloaded game. Moving my wii games and saves over was also quick and easy.

  • I would not consider their digital services “groundbreaking”, they have just caught up to the competition. Reggie has a gift for hyperbole.

    • They’ve caught up to where their competition was in the last generation, more like. Services-wise Sony and Microsoft and just about everyone doing digital distribution of software are still miles ahead of them.

  • it was a big issue in the states because they have almost over 100000 patching at launch hour. We are late to the party T_T

  • Have loved every minute of wii u so far. Blops 2 online works flawlessly, and the Miiverse is a really unique and addictive take on online gaming communities. The initial patch is no problem if you download in the background. My only complaint is the lengthy load times between apps like the Skype-esque wii u chat and the main menu. Sure this can be solved with another update though.

  • Thats nothing, GT5 still takes the cake for the worst launch. massive install that took ages, then heaps of update – not to mention every time you played it for the following weeks you had to do an update.. 1gb i can handle, particularly since it can be done in the background

    • Dont get me started on GT5 i bought it 12 months after it came out, first time i put it in i had to wait through 5 or 6 gb of updates, if i put it in now it would probably be a similar story again.

  • The real issue with the console is the horrid UI.. You can’t add friends while playing some games the recent friends list doesn’t show anyone etc.. Ps3 and xbox both did this at launch.. The whole experience is underpinned by long wait times to do anything and needing to quit one application to get another running.

  • This, took 45 minutes for me, and that’s with crappy Australian internet, don’t know why there is so much butt hurt about this.

  • They should have put the update on the nintendoland disc. Then only the people who bought basic would have to download it.

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