The Wonderful World Of Cat Cosplay

Cat cosplay, it seems, is a thing. Sometimes, it's very clever, like this Cat Bus... cat. Sometimes, it's cute, such as when people dress their cats up as frogs or chickens. And sometimes, it can get a little odd. Cat schoolgirl? Really?

Here's a smattering of cat cosplay. Dressing up your cat in a cute outfit isn't new. But in the last few years, with cosplay increasingly mainstream, there's more of a concentrated effort to dress up feline friends. Shame these furry cosplayers aren't better at making their own outfits. I mean, come on. Still, cute stuff!

More photos below on Naver.

文句無しで可愛すぎる!猫のコスプレイヤーたち [Naver]


    Why would you put a cat in a bottle? :(

      You ever tried drinking one from a can?

        hahahahahahaha that's funny shit right there!

        made my day.. thank you! :D

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