The World Is Better When Everything Is Kawaii

Just look at Jabba! He's so cute. And George Washington. And Bismarck. All of them are just adorable with those big Japanese anime eyes.

This fall, Tumblr site The Kawaii Project started getting attention online for its series of "cuted up" photos of famous (and regular) folks with giant anime eyes. Since then, the Tumblr site has gone relatively quiet, which is a shame. I like kawaii versions of famous figures and movie villains. They're so cute!

The Kawaii Project [Tumblr]


    No offense Brian, but maybe it's time to consider a new line of work? This "journalism" thing just doesn't seem to be working out for you.

      I do my best to encourage civil commenting on this site, and a lot of the writers cop undeserved vitriol, but in this case... Seriously, what the hell is this crap? It's not news, it's not interesting, it's not impressive, it's not accurate, it's not cute or kawaii or whatever, and it's not gaming-related. Ugh.

        Pro Tip: See the "otaku" in "Kotaku"? This referrers to the fact that Kotaku covers both gaming and otaku culture, regardless of it's audience's insistence that Kotaku is a gaming-only site. Is this article kinda dumb? Yeah, but it's otaku culture, and totally comes under Kotaku's umbrella.

          It's not just the audience - there's precisely zero mention of otaku culture in where you'd expect to see an accurate description of the site's purpose. Not fussed about that, but this article itself is still a pointless, MSPaint-spattered waste of space.

          Last edited 13/12/12 12:25 pm

    Prove it: give Hitler the kawaii treatment.

    I'm sorry, it's not interesting? Thank you for speaking for everyone. I actually was interested by this and it put a slight smile on my face, while it may not interest or impress you, it may do so for others, just in the same way that most sports don't interest or impress me.

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