The World's Most Expensive LEGO Brick Costs $14,000

That's for a single brick, mind you. Not a set. Just a single 4x2 brick.

That brick is made from 14-carat gold, though, and between 1979-81 was given out to employees who had worked at the LEGO company for 25 years.

So it's not only made out of solid gold, it's incredibly rare too, and is bordering on being an antique.

No wonder it's priced at $US14,450. Still, if this makes any difference, it's to scale, so it'll work with normal bricks.

14k Solid Gold LEGO Employee Brick 2x4 Brick in Display Box [Brick Envy, via TAXI]


    i should buy that then eat it, film it a put it on youtube

      Do a Kickstarter for that. I'm sure there are many people that would be happy to fund it.

      Good idea, you'd get your money back from the ads.

      Then retrieve the brick back from your rear end.

    That's not that much more expensive than normal lego :p

    It doesn't have "LEGO" on the knobs so ironically it's more like a model of the knock-off Lego.

    lol wow $15 f'ing quid for a swordfish

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