The Year In Beautiful Games

Over the last few weeks, I've been making cinemagraphs celebrating just a handful of some of the most visually striking games. These were games that were either creatively or technically breathtaking, that really showed off what you're able to do with the medium.

Here are some of the most gorgeous games 2012 has had to offer:

Halo 4

The Unfinished Swan

Papo & Yo

Guild Wars 2

Assassin's Creed III

Far Cry 3

Need for Speed: Most Wanted



    Journey is about the only reason I want to buy a PS3 at the moment.

      If you can watch an LP of it, it's basically the same thing. The gameplay doesn't really offer much. It's mostly just the combination of music and visuals that makes it.

        I couldn't disagree more. The music and visuals are a key part of the experience, but playing through it, exploring and discovering, finding another lonely traveler and developing a connection with them even though you can't really communicate, that's what makes Journey the amazing game that it is.

      Journey was amazing.

        But seriously, the PS3 has enough good games and exclusives to warrent a purchase, and considering you could pick one up at anyware from $190 (seckond hand) to $220 (JB hifi 12Gb, just get a bigger hdd along the line) Its really worth it.

          But we are so, so, so close to the end of the console cycle... so close.

    A post about beautiful games...

    Featuring low resolution, grainy, 256-color animated gifs...


    Assassin's Creed III and Journey had some really beautiful scenes!

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