Theatrhythm: Final Fantasy Arrives On iOS Today

There's a listing for Theatrhythm: Final Fantasy up on the New Zealand iTunes Store, which almost certainly means that the rhythm game will be out in Australia today as well.

Theatrhythm is a tap-tap-tap game in the style of Elite Beat Agents or Guitar Hero in which you tap the screen along to the beat of Final Fantasy music. It's quite fun.

Square has yet to make an official announcement about the iOS port of Theatrhythm, but this version is a free app that comes with a couple of songs and asks you to pay for the rest. And of course it has Twitter integration, because why even play games these days if they don't have Twitter integration?

Update: It's now available on the Australian iTunes App Store.


    Everyone buy this game. Do it. Do it naow!

      Hey it looks like there's new characters too. I don't recall Auron or Balthier being in the original D:

    wonder how long before Square release it on 'droid

    Hope it comes out for Android soon.

    free? what?? i'm guessing it has serious in app purchases... cause free vs $30+ on the 3ds is crazy!

      Ya guessed it. It comes with TWO free songs, and more songs cost $0.99 each. I heard if you wanted to buy everything, it'll cost you $60.

    Still cheaper then the 3ds version (and dlc) plus the benefit of only grabbing the songs you like. Sounds like a winner to me.

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