These Game Boy Swimsuits Are An Australian Creation

Black Milk, an Australian label that walks the knife's edge between nerdy and genuinely fashionable, has released an entire line of swimsuits based on... the Game Boy.

While there's no pricing, Black Milks other swimsuits run between $90-$120 in Australia. It's not the first time the company has done this — they released a Tetris suit earlier in the year — but you'd imagine the Game Boy has a lot more ironic/retro appeal to the hipster kids who buy Black Milk swimsuits than a block puzzle game.

Game Boy Swimsuits In Every colour Of The Rainbow [Fashionably Geek]


    Where do I insert the ca...........nevermind.....

    Ugh... I hate Black Milk. Thankfully my wife doesn't buy their fugly crap, but so many young 20 something girls do. I have yet to see a print from them that looks flattering on anyone other than a carnie or a clown.

    I could rack up a high score on that I reckon.

    Sadly my wife is big into black milk. I do personal think a lot of their clothing is quite flattering as far as body suits and leggings go. And the obvious tip of the hat to nerd culture that is vilsible through a lot of their designs is cool. While i personally dont get the love for leggings and stuff, i will say black milk looks far better than a lot of the other brands out there.

    Soooo freakin hot....
    Bee would look AMAZING in these. Unfortunately i don't think she would wear it :( lol

    What is with those stupid friggin boots?

      Not my first thought but yeah.. what the hell?

    Id like to plug my headphones in :)

    Now THOSE are some buttons I'd like to press. :P

    they had boobs?!?! Couldn't take my eyes of the gap\crotch!!

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