These Halo 4 Cheaters Are Literally Headless

If you play Halo 4 multiplayer, chances are you've heard about the rumoured headless Spartans that you can't kill. Maybe if you're unlucky you've actually come across these infamous Spartans.

One of the popular aspects of this rumour is that the headlessness is actually an extremely high level helmet unlock. But that would be kind of silly, wouldn't it? "Hey, you're so high level that earned the right to no longer have a weak spot." Yeah, right.

Turns out that there's a mod where you can take off all the armour — including, despite how baffling it might sound, your entire head. People around the web seem confused as to whether or not this is a glitch, but it's something that can only be done on modded Xboxes. Though the video here is but a match replay, if you happen to know someone who uses the cheat and visit their Halo Waypoint profile, their Spartan will look just like that. All muscular and headless, I mean.

While the headless part is admittedly cool, it makes playing match-types like SWAT a nightmare. Sure, you can kill someone with body shots, but still. It's kind of bullshit to have to go up against someone that takes more than one well-placed bullet to kill.

We've reached out to Microsoft to see if these folks are being banned.


    Pfft, some people have become so fixated on headshots in Halo that it has made the game boring when they only limit the game down to just that.

      Yeah, I'll go out of my way to dispatch that joy-killing player with a groin rocket shot.

      Have some imagination, Spartans!

        I've cross-mapped DMR spammers with my AR.

          By the way you are talking on here I can tell you're a bad-kid... So just... stop.

    The mod appears to remove all the outer armour, which includes the helmet. Since the game forces you to choose a helmet and outer armour at all times I'm not surprised they didn't put a head under it.

    What I don't understand is why cheaters do it? You've removed all skill and challenge from playing the game winning becomes meaningless.

      That's like asking a dole bludger why he goes 80 in a school zone.

      same reason people just write down the answer in draw something

    This is more than just an armour mod if you can't headshot them, since the collision boxes are a single piece, connected to a bone which is always there.

    I copped one of these jerks.

    Would have no affect in normal slayer, but in SWAT it makes them all but invincible.

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