These Lupin The Third Figures Want To Steal Your Shelf

Iconic Lupin the Third characters Lupin and his partner in crime Jigen are getting two new figurines for your posing enjoyment.

Part of the Revoltech line, the figures will be out next February in Japan, with the Lupin priced at ¥2,980 (US$37) and the Jigen priced at ¥2,400 ($US29). The Lupin figure is wearing his first series green jacket.

Yes, these Lupin figures do have unsightly, exposed joints, but in what you lose in cosmetics, you gain in posing fun.

In the above gallery, you can also see a previously released "red jacket" Lupin figure.

ルパン三世 [あみあみ]

No.098 次元大介 [あみあみ]


    urgh recolours....

    Front page said this had 44 replys... Made me think it was something amazing -.- they do look nice and I have wondered what this show was called for a while now though. So I guess that's a win?

      But 240 episodes to watch?!? That's going after One Piece on the list.

        Unlike OP, Lupin can be enjoyed in bite-sized chunks as it's a assortment of random plots and not one overall plot to follow. Feel like I could've worded that better, but fuck it.

        Anyway, that being said, if you do want to try to pursue the whole series, you should try to watch the episodes in chronological order, but you should also note the movies (everybody loves the shit out of 'The Castle of Cagliostro') and the more modern but kinda spinoffy 'The Woman Named Fujiko Mine,' which is a 12-episode affair.

          I guess I may have to give it a go. I haven't watched much anime that old and this could well be one of those "good old days" shows. ;)

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