These People Don't Deserve Their Awesome Video Game Twitter Accounts

Ever wonder what @Mario is up to on Twitter? How about @Sonic? Or maybe @Wario, @MarcusFenix or @MasterChief? You can visit those accounts if you like, but be warned: They're all pretty awful.

You might think that someone lucky enough to have snagged @Link or @PrincessPeach would be goofing it up with all sorts of in-character tweets. Unfortunately, most of the very best video game character Twitter handles are either empty, protected, or entirely out-of-date, with the exception of the odd random person who doesn't seem all that aware that they're sitting on Twitter gold.

Let's take a look:


Bio: Blank Tweets: 3 Following: 10 Followers: 52 Takeaway: This one is just the saddest. A vague attempt at a parody account from 2009 that fell flat after just two tweets… one of which was about being constipated. Mario deserves better.


Bio: I'm tired of living in my brother's shadow. Tweets: 107 Following: 613 Followers: 1609 Takeaway: A more considered effort at a parody account that's been tweeting up until early this year. Probably the best of all of these. Good show, Luigi Mario!


Name: Zelda Ophelia Bio: Blank Tweets: 516 Following: 39 Followers: 48 Takeaway: Another private account. Possibly just a person named Zelda.


Bio: Enfant terrible Tweets: 5 Following: 10 Followers: 1647 Takeaway: Appears to have been started as a parody account before quickly running out of gas.


Bio: Blank Tweets: 0 Following: 0 Followers: 3 Takeaway: Samus was always pretty taciturn, but this is likely a camper.


Name: Derek Stout Bio: Shut-in, violin failure, depressed, sullen, ANGRY. Tweets: 5 Following: 4 Followers: 7 Takeaway: I don't even. Clearly a real person, but also one who is very into being GANONDORF. He even yelled at @Zelda about it! Maybe that's why she set her account to private.


Bio: personal art diary of a lonely young artist nobody will hear about Tweets: 170 Following: 4 Followers: 3 Takeaway: It's another protected account, but appears to be owned by a real person. I understand the desire to just make work for yourself, but if you want people to hear about your art, maybe open up your account! You do have one of the best Twitter handles ever, after all…


Bio: Blank Tweets: 0 Following: 0 Followers:74 Takeaway: Likely camper. The Twitter kind, not the Halo kind.


Name: Matti Bio: Blank Tweets: 8 Following: 0 Followers: 9 Takeaway: Random human who hasn't tweeted since 2007. Man, Cloud deserves better.


Bio: Internet Troll [Link To RickRoll] Tweets: 3 Following: 0 Followers: 9 Takeaway: God only knows. I guess if Boswer did have a twitter account, he'd be a total arsehole about it.


Bio: GTA IV... all the time (is there anything else?) Tweets: 4989 Following: 0 Followers: 151 Takeaway: A game news aggregation account that's been dormant since 2009. Not many mentions of bowling.


Name: Alejandro Quintana Bio: Blank Tweets: 0 Following: 0 Followers: 2 Takeaway: Zero tweets for Metroid, and Shadow the Hedgehog as an avatar. This is a real waste.


Bio: i am NOT the fast food chain, the hedgehog, or any other corporate entity. feel free to offer me money. Tweets: 514 Following: 49 Followers: 551 Takeaway: Just an ordinary person who reviews lots of books and liked Rolling Nowhere by Ted Conover more than Vulcan's Hammer by Phillip K. Dick.


Bio: mother.lover,realist,sometimes writer.... Tweets: 301 Following: 8 Followers: 23 Takeaway: Not a parody account, just an everyday mum who tweets about once a month. Actually, go ahead and do your thing, Princess Peach, I'm not gonna say you shouldn't get to have an awesome Twitter account.


Name: Daniel Keller Bio: Blocked Tweets: 0 Following: 0 Followers: 0 Takeaway: Yet another depressingly blocked account. Possibly a squatter; that or Wario's just really quiet.


Bio: Blank Tweets: 13 Following: 3 Followers: 5 Takeaway: Apparently just a normal person who doesn't tweet much but enjoys Uncharted 2.


Bio: Blank Tweets: 2, but they're AMAZING Following: 0 Followers: 425 Takeaway: I don't know what the story is with this account, but his two tweets are probably the best two Marcus Fenix tweets possible.


    @Ganondorf and @Link should get together and have a little self-loathing emo party.
    Sob sob.

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