This Game Was Developed In North Korea. Play It Right Now.

There's a first for everything. Until checking out Pyongyang Racer, I'd never played a North Korean developed game. It's not as bad as I thought it would be. It's also not very good.

To be fair, it is a browser game developed for a British owned travel agency that takes tourists to North Korea. The game was developed in North Korea by a developer named Nosotek. I've never heard of Nosotek. You probably haven't, either. It's the first Western IT venture company in North Korea, so there you go.

Pyongyang Racer looks like a Sega Saturn game, if that Sega Saturn game was set in an idealised North Korea, devoid of people and filled with cars that are in the street, but do not move.

It took me about 12 minutes to finish my race. Try your hand at beating that, comrade.

Pyongyang Racer [Koryogroup via Beijing Cream]


    So it's just a racing game? There's no edutainment in there? Pretty sucky then.. I would have expected that the travel agency would want to throw in a bunch of do's and don't's, especially absed on the image above... that's kind of the idea I had in mind when I saw it..

      This game has no "do"s and just one "don't".

      Don't go to North Korea. That is all.

    Dead link.

      Yup, link no worky.

    I think I'm afraid to install it. It'd probably install some malware or make my PC part of a DPRK botnet.

    DON'T YOU F*****G STARE AT ME, MOTHERF****R!!!!!

    I'm on duty.


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