This Game Will Randomly Generate Dozens Of Other Games

Ever feel like the games you're playing are a bit too formulaic? Wish you had a machine that could combine elements of each one into something new and exciting? Well, if the folks behind GameTron 1000 have their way, you'll get exactly that.

The concept is a bit batty: It's a PC/Smartphone game that spins a wheel to randomly generate gameplay elements and combine them into a brand-new game. Which you can then play.

GameTron 1000 is being crowdfunded by Mojo Bones, who have put together the pitch video above for their Kickstarter campaign. It takes a little bit too long to get to the point, but the once it arrives, the point is quite interesting. Basically, it's like Scribblenauts, but for video game ideas. And, if you support 'em, you'll get to submit your own ideas for variables, Cards Against Humanity-style.

Is this too ambitious to ever succeed? Or more doable than you might think? Time will tell. But hey, at least it's not another adventure-game reboot!

GameTron 1000 [Kickstarter]


    This sounds awfully similar to that other shady one posted here last week. Hmm...

    OTON! Actually this sounds better plus it's raised a lot more money than the measly $445 that stupid console thing has.

    This one sounds entirely plausible, though, unlike Oton. A relatively limited number of genres, modes, and settings makes it much easier to code for, for a start - it's basically just randomising a whole load of different pre-existing elements and then throwing them together, rather than generating any sort of game on the fly.

    Also, Mojo Bones are legit - The Curse is a pretty solid little puzzle collection. I'd be pretty comfortable backing this - just trying to decide how much I'm willing to spend.

      Absolutely. This is taking property A combining with B then A1 instead of C then mixing with D3 instead of D2 etc. Its been done before albeit in simpler forms with things like "shoot em up construction kit" on the c64. The Oton is a con like the Phantom was. Thisis nothing like that and I'm quite looking forward to this game!

    This is how you promote a new concept! Not the way OTON did it with their cheap Youtube clip and lack of information.

    I know nothing about coding/programming, but this concept actually seems plausible. Good luck to 'em!

    yer, at best the OTON looked like a drunken idea desperately looking for a market... this actually looks kinda cool.

    Actually heres the biggest difference...

    This is actually legitly on Kickstarter =P So its not like your cash will instantly disappear in the aether if the project doesn't raise enough funds..

    The Oton "kickstarter" is just a copy paste look of a KS page which will instantly take your money the moment you "pledge" which means if it doesn't hit the funds needed there is *NOTHING* stopping them from running away w/ your cash.

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