This Handmade Leather Belt Is The Final Level Of Super Mario Bros.

The belt, given as a gift from sister to brother, features that last level of the original Mario in all its horizontal, lava-infused glory. How does it rate on the list of best birthday presents ever? Pretty darn high, that's for sure.

The leatherworker responsible for this amazing piece of attire, Julia of Saluki Feathers, posted the completed product on her blog in August. She doesn't mention how long it took, though I'm going to guess a couple of months, going by a work-in-progress update from July.

If you're wondering if you can buy one yourself, you can via Etsy, though it will set you back $US395, not including shipping. Julia mentions in the listing that she's happy to make custom belts based on other games and their levels, with horizontal platformers providing the best creative fodder.

Nintendo Super Mario Belt Completed [Saluki Feathers, via Geekologie]

Images: Saluki Feathers


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