This Is How Ni No Kuni Looks So Good!

I love Studio Ghibli. So much. I love Studio Ghibli so much that I'm willing to check out Ni No Kuni when it comes out in Australia early next year, despite the fact I haven't enjoyed a JRPG for a decent amount of time!

This interesting video, which takes us behind the scenes of LEVEL-5, and runs through some of the motion capture used. Interestingly it seems as though, while LEVEL-5 captures real motion, with Ni No Kuni the team has attempted to stylise it a bit more to give it the Ghibli animated feel.

A lot of other studios use similar techniques. I remember being really surprised when I was told that God of War didn't use motion capture, mainly because the team felt that Kratos' movements should be too grounded in reality. Makes a lot of sense. With Ni No Kuni it look as though the team wants to create something that feels real and unreal at the precise same time.

The team worked with Studio Ghibli to retain the hand-drawn feel of the art, and it really shows. Looking forward to playing this.


    Why is there no post about GTA Vice City being out now for ios? Or am I blind? haha

    Demo is apparently up on the US PS store or whatever it is. And apparently it is as awesome as it looks.

      Both EU and US stores have it. I haven't played it yet, but friends have and they thoroughly enjoy it.

        Wonder when the AU store gets it? Anyway I watched a 20 minute video of one of the missions and it looks awesome. Love the Pokemon aspect of the game as well. Apparently a few hundred familiars to catch and they can evolve to, at least according to the people talking in the vid I watched.

          Played it not 30 minutes ago, it's great. Although the demo offers you two chapters at vastly different points in the game and you're only allowed 25 minutes to beat the segment you're given before they kick you out.

          Just create a us account and you'll be able to download it for free

            My ps3 is on its way but yeah have a US account sitting and waiting for me. Cheers :)

    The demo download speed was horrible yesterday. I only manage to download 10% from 12am to 8am. Hopefully its finished by now to enjoy some ni No kuni goodness

    I'm so excited for this game and I don't even own a PS3. May buy the collectors edition and play it at a friends place haha

    The Ni No Kuni demo shows gorgeous production values but I wasn't too happy with the combat. Hopefully it will click with me once I get my hands on the full game.

    Wonderful looking game! Hopefully I can pick it up when it comes out.
    Still sad that the DS version will never come outside Japan (I understand that they explain that cos of the book, but still, they could've come up with some alternative!!), I watched a video feed of the DS version and it just looked beautiful!!
    If they made a Wii U port, I would've bought it in a flash!!

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