This Is The Alternate BioShock Infinite Cover Art You Voted For

A little under two weeks ago, Irrational Games asked you to vote on a design for the alternate side of BioShock Infinite's reversible cover. Today, Irrational revealed the results, and this is the image that came out on top, with 38 per cent of the vote.

It couldn't possibly be more different from the game's standard box art, though that's certainly not a bad thing.


    That's a cover I'd put facing outward on my shelf.

    I like. As much as I love Nathan Drake, I didn't need him on my Bioshock box art. This is much better.

    This isn't the final version though is it? Looks more like a proof of concept. It's a bit rough to be printed as is.

    I like this concept the most but it looks like it still needs to be sent off to the inker, (tracer), to finish it off.

    I'm not a big fan of it, I prefered the other one better (#6 i think it was, the "runner-up" choice)... but im not gonna complain, I honestly didnt think the original cover was too bad. Yeah it was mainstream, but not bad.

      Agreed. And especially after hearing Levine's reasoning behind it.

    I realized after the last thread about this, that digital distribution has largely invalidated the entire argument for me.

    That said, the full color logo on top of that illustration looks like ass.. I wonder if some marketing/publishing tweek insisted that it must be uniform across the designs for branding purposes?

    I might papercraft up miniature boxes for my favorite digital games when I'm bored and put 'em on a miniature papercraft shelf. If I do Bioshock Infinite, I'll homebrew up a version of that cover with a monochrome logo.

      The logo looks like ass? The whole thing is a crappy sketch with an ugly, way to intense red badly photoshopped in. I agree that the two don't go together, but the logo is fine on it's own or with something similar, the main problem here is the 'artwork'.

        Yeah, it would be kinda generous to say it looks "rough". But it's done in a particular style, which the logo poos all over.

        I was kinda forgiving the essential roughness and eye-searing color choice on the expectation that it's meant to be an imitation of 19th century poster art, and would be further refined before production. But really, I've no basis for hoping that they'd put in any work above the bare minimum.

    I think it's worth stating in the article that this is a concept and not final artwork.

    Silly artists, Cthulhu isn't a alchemy mecha.

    Now we just need to vote this in as the standard front cover.

      We can just flip it, I'm sure EB will flip a few on shelf copies.

    WTF, it looks like one of those hand drawn covers that JB HI-FI employee's make when they have to much time in their hands.

    This is what is voted for :D

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