This Is What It Looks Like To Ride A Dragon In Skyrim

Shot this afternoon, here's what it looks like to ride a dragon in the world of Skyrim. You get this ability toward the end of Dragonborn, the new DLC that came out today for Bethesda's open-world RPG. It's kind of... disappointing.

It doesn't seem like you can actually control the dragon very much, so don't start getting dreams of soaring over the coastline, shooting fireballs at every city you pass. Dragon riding seems to be more novelty than anything.

(Sorry for the iPhone footage, by the way — I left our video capture box in the office.)

Expect our Dragonborn review tomorrow morning.


    Go away plz, spoilers.
    Signed - everyone on Kotaku

      This isn't really a spoiler.

        It really actually is....

          1. It was one of the announced features
          2. It's one of the achievements

            Yeah but one of those that clearly a lot of us who were intending on playing the game hadn't heard about at all.

        I disagree. Finding out what you get at the end of the DLC? How isn't that a spoiler?

    And it doesn't surprise me that its disappointing

      My partner describes it in the exact same way when I ask her to ride MY Dragon.

      I'm glad i'm not the only one now.
      Thank you, Skyrim.

    I wish you would upload to youtube, your native media player takes far too long to play.

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