This Last Of Us Trailer Actually Has The Naughty Words In It

The fancy new Last of Us trailer that debuted at the Spike VGAs last week was, by virtue of its delivery method, censored.

So here's an uncensored version.


    Hmm to be honest I don't notice anything different. Seems the exact same as the one I watched on the VGAs.

    Hanging corpse, check. Pickaxe to face, check. Shotgun to face, check. Dismembering explosion, check. All good.

    AHHH! They said a naughty word, censor it!!!

      I agree with you Zenon, Its ridiculous they will show max blood and gore people dying Yet when someone get naked it's "Quick cover it!" i mean come on i don't mean to sound like a pervert but whats more natural? Blood dying and gore or the human body?? they are 18+ for a reason

    Couldn't be bothered mentioning the other news realated to the game? Box art, multiplayer, pre-order bonuses? I guess they don't have 'Naughty Words' or boobs so Plunkett doesn't care but for everyone else:
    or if you prefer;

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