This Last Of Us Trailer Actually Has The Naughty Words In It


    Hmm to be honest I don't notice anything different. Seems the exact same as the one I watched on the VGAs.

    Hanging corpse, check. Pickaxe to face, check. Shotgun to face, check. Dismembering explosion, check. All good.

    AHHH! They said a naughty word, censor it!!!

      I agree with you Zenon, Its ridiculous they will show max blood and gore people dying Yet when someone get naked it's "Quick cover it!" i mean come on i don't mean to sound like a pervert but whats more natural? Blood dying and gore or the human body?? they are 18+ for a reason

    Couldn't be bothered mentioning the other news realated to the game? Box art, multiplayer, pre-order bonuses? I guess they don't have 'Naughty Words' or boobs so Plunkett doesn't care but for everyone else:
    or if you prefer;

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