This List Of Young Overachievers In Gaming Will Make You Feel Old

Forbes' 30 under 30 spotlights some of the gaming younger stand-outs. The guy who made the Oculus Rift is 20? Borderlands 2, written by a near-infant???

Of course, to some of you, these people will seem old, old, old. Way to make me feel old too!

30 Under 30: Games and Apps [Forbes]


    owh kids these days and their fandangled 3d graphics, back in my day I had to walk 8 miles in the snow with no shoes on to....

      Was it uphill on the way to school and the way home too?

      It was for me... :(

    Doesn't make me feel old, just makes me disappointed in myself! Haha

    that explains so much about why gearbox has horrible writing

    If you look closely B2 isn't really that good - It's juts one big frggin uninspired grindfest.

      With witty asides.

      And really, why the hell not.

    Burch and I are the same age...

    Holy hell, I should do something.

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