This New Zealand Bar Looks Just Like The Hobbit Pub In The Lord Of The Rings

Well, if you live in or visit New Zealand, that is. The Green Dragon pub located in the tourist town of Hobbiton is now open for hairy bare-footed business.

It's modelled to look like The Green Dragon Inn that Frodo and his small-statured friends frequent in the Lord of the Rings trilogy, and it looks amazingly accurate.

Granted, there's undoubtedly some image tinkering involved with the lighting of some of these, but they still look fantastic. I would definitely drink many beers in this establishment.

[via io9]


    This is fucking cool. When done right, like this, the New Zealand obsession with the Lord of the Rings works. Mostly it just comes off as pathetic cash in.

      New Zealands cash in with the Lord of the Rings is no different to Hollywoods cash in of being Hollywood.

    I wonder if you would get kicked out for not wearing shoes.

    Drink up and be Merry (...Brandybuck)

    I spent months there in 2012, wished it existed then! South Island or North?

    Matamata near Rotarua on the North Island.

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