This Robot Toy Is Expensive, But Damn, It's Beautiful

Just. Look. At. It. If you love Japanese robots, this deluxe super alloy Mazinger Z is definitely worth your attention. And maybe even your cashola.

Priced at ¥36,750 ($440), this 30cm tall Mazinger Z leads the way in Bandai's newest Soul of Chogokin series ("chougoukin" or 超合金 is Japanese for "super alloy"). The figure is to mark the fortieth anniversary of Mazinger Z, Go Nagai's legendary series that helped to popularise super robots in Japan during the 1970s.

This latest figure comes with removable parts that allow you to see the super robot's innards. There's even an awesome hanger to store the figure. Have a look in the above gallery, which also includes pics of the add-on Jet Scrander Set, which is another ¥8,190 ($98). Now that doesn't seem worth it, but whatever.

Click the lower corner of each image to expand to full size.

バンダイ、超合金「DX超合金魂 マジンガーZ」を12月14日に発売 [Game Watch Impress]

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    Tranzor Z!

      I know right!!!!!!!!

        Finally! Two other people that know him by his Western Name \(^o^)/

          Growing up in Spain (which went MZ crazy for a short time), I had all the comic books. Still one of my favourite characters ever. Tranzor Z just sounds wrong - will always be Mazinger Z to me.



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