This Second Life Water Birth Is Practically A Miracle. A Wonderful, Horrifying Miracle

Via our lovely video editor Chris Person comes this absolutely baffling video of a 'birth' in Second Life. I'm not sure if this is supposed to be beautiful, weird or funny. Maybe a bit of all three. Someone out there thought it was a good idea to record this, though.

The real question for those of you that watch through the whole video: who is the father?


    The thumbnail for this story gave me different expectations...

    Heavy makeup and a slutty dress while giving birth aye?

    Sounds about right.

    $200 bet that Nicki Minaj is the nurse.

    That was so ****ing weird. No wonder comments and likes are disabled.

    Even from a gamers point of view that was odd and kinda nasty. Can only imagine what the general public would think.

    Nice to see that second life is still all kinds of fucked up

    I remember some news that BigPond bought real estate in the game too

    its 2nd life. she probably f*ked heaps of men in order to get pregnant.

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