This Space Invaders Watch Is As Expensive As It Is Stylish

In the event that you have an extra $US20,000 or so lying around, you probably wouldn't want to spend it on a watch. But on the off chance that you do, boy, have I got a treat for you.

The decadent Space Invaders watch is only available from the Colette boutique in Paris. By the way, if anyone out there is looking for a last minute stocking stuffer for me, I'll accept this. Thanks!

ROMAIN JEROME x COLETTE [Via This Is Why I'm Broke]


    These space invader watches from Romain Jerome have been around for a while now, this Collette one just happens to be a special edition.

    There is also a pacman version:

    But hell, if you are going to spend that much money on a watch, why not get something special like one made with moon dust or from scraps taken from the titanic:

    That's an ugly $20,000 watch.

      My god.....this silicone watch is really expensive. are you going to spend that much money on a watch? Here is a custom silicone watch site: see for yourself and let me know wat you all think .Thx

    I can only assume that it's $20k because the game on the face there animates itself to represent the time and therefore is worth it. Right?

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