This Street Fighter Fan Movie Doesn’t End The Way You Think It Will

This Street Fighter Fan Movie Doesn’t End The Way You Think It Will

Ryu and Ken. Ken and Ryu. Street Fighter’s eternal rivals have been punching and kicking each other for 25 years now. Lots of fan films (and professional ones) have been made about the fighting game series but their real-life versions of their bouts have rarely looked this good.

The filmmakers behind Fractured Illusion offered a teaser of their work a few months ago but now that it’s finally out, you can see that it looks even better than expected. The fight choreography is quick and convincing and the actors’ movements manage to successfully channel some of the SF games’ classic appeal. Pretty good stuff right here.


  • Its ok, nothing special, choreography is wooden, unoriginal and forced, its difficult to make it look like a flow… but the effects are nice and they got the look of the characters down i believe, they play the characters well too in my opinion. The random cuts to foliage are horrible though… the “Legacy” video was nice and I also like the “Beginnings End” one also, check em out if you haven’t seen them before. Also….whats up with them all happening in the woods? and seemingly the same woods also lol

    • Bloody awful!

      Subject VERY close to my heart here. SF2 was the first game I ever played on a console (1992, SNES) and I still play SF4 almost every day. I go to tournaments. I love street fighter.

      I’m also in the process of directing my first action movie. I love action movies. I’ve been watching anything with fighting in it for the last 15 years. I often thought about the difficulties behind bringing street fighter to life in film, and I don’t think a good version can be done without a reboot. Fireballs etc just look crap in cgi with live actors.

      The best Street Fighter film is still Street Fighter 2: The Animated Movie. Bitching soundtrack too! And the fight scenes are excellent.

      • I don’t know that I’d go as far as “bloody awful”, but I feel a little bad admitting that I really didn’t enjoy that.
        I love Street Fighter, but this did not entertain at all.
        They undersold every strike so completely that it just made it all look pointless, the constant “serious face” just made all this look (paradoxically) faker than the game itself!
        I just feel bad because they obviously put a LOT of effort into this; kudos to them for the production values etc, I just don’t think it came together.

        Completely agreed with @rowan on SF2: The Animated Movie. So sweet.

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