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This Week In Games — usually we theme the headline around the big mammy-daddy release coming out. But this week? It's just the stragglers really, so it's just a plain old 'this week in games' I'm afraid! Maybe you can make your own special headline, in the comments below, or just inside your own mind. Why not?

LEGO Lord of the Rings (360/PS3/3DS/DS/Vita/PC)

What is it? The latest entry into the consistent LEGO series. Should you care? If you have kids, or someone you tend to rattle through these games with? Sure.

Mass Effect Trilogy (360/PS3)

What is it? The thing that sort of manages to make the Wii U Mass Effect 3 port seem a little overpriced and redundant. Should you care? This is a very, very good deal. The perfect entry point into the Mass Effect series.

Nickelodeon Dance 2 (Wii)

What is it? A dance game. Should you care? No.

Paper Mario: Sticker Star (3DS)

What is it? A pretty big release for the 3DS. I've been looking forward to this one. Should you care? I do.

Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 (Wii)

What is it? It's the Wii version of the (second) best soccer franchise on the planet. Should you care? I think so. Actually PES on the Wii may actually be superior to FIFA on the Wii.

Zone of the Enders HD Collection (360/PS3)

What is it? Oh, this snuck up on me. It's a HD collection of the other games that Kojima makes. Should you care? Like the Mass Effect trilogy, this is a good entry point into a great series.


    Mass Effect 3 Trilogy has been out for a while for the XBOX 360, I'm guessing this week their finally going to release the PS3 version.

    Also a rerelease of Skyrim is coming out this week, a 'Premium' edition I'm guessing some GOTY edition with no DLC added.

    I'll be getting Lego LOTR and maybe Mario Sticker Star.

    ZOE also has a Metal Gear Rising demo on the disc

      I imported ZOEHD from the US a while back just to play the Revengeance demo. I regret nothing.

    It's still Far Cry 3 this week for me.. :) And hopefully the iPad version of Baldur's Gate: EE will be out this week too..

    Yeah, it just wasn't the same. Stick with yours, Mark.

    I've had ZOE on pre-order for a while. It got delayed a couple of times so I'm excited that it's finally coming out.

    getting lord of the rings for the wife (and i'll prob play it with her)... got mario sticker star on order too...

    so many games so little time... haven't got far cry but i'll get it eventually

    Mass Effect Trilogy on the PS3, see what ME turned out like...

    LEGO Lord Of The Rings is a get, probably my most interested LEGO game... though hoping there will be a TMNT game seeing as LEGO has a TMNT license now!

    ZOE also, but will wait til that drops in price.

    I've been looking forward to Pape Mario for a while now. Can't wait!

    Seriously Playstation Owners - if you think you've missed out thus far by not playing ME1, let me disabuse you of that notion, ME1 is awful, it's a great story couched within a horrible grindy game that is not worth your time (ME2 however I have all the time in the world for seeing as they discovered how to make a fun game sometime in between!)

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