This Week Year In The Business: 'Someday We'll Be Living In The Matrix'

A look back at what happened in the business of video games in 2012.

QUOTE | "Someday we'll be living in the Matrix." — Gearbox boss Randy Pitchford talking about the huge aspirations some game developers still have and why today's games "suck" by comparison to where they should be.

QUOTE | "No sex please, we're gamers." —'s Matt Handrahan talks to Miriam Bellard of No Reply games, who explains whyshe thinks their erotic game Seduce Me was removed by Steam Greenlight.

QUOTE | "You've decided that some breasts deserve a prime spot." — Rachel Weber, GamesIndustry International journalist, commenting about Future's CVG site posting a gallery of E3 booth babes and sadly asking readers to "get their scorecards out".

QUOTE | "Nintendo has to let Mario games on non-Nintendo devices." — Nanako Imazu, Tokyo stock analyst, said this after Nintendo announced its massive losses for last year; other analysts have also called on Nintendo to put its iconic brands on smartphones and tablets, but the company has resisted all such advice.

QUOTE | "The Vita is almost DOA." — Richard Browne, industry veteran and former Sony exec, talking abouthow Sony has fallen on hard times but can still come back.

QUOTE | "Consoles may quickly go the way of the dinosaurs." — Nexon America CEO Daniel Kim, talking aboutconsole developers and how they need to go free-to-play.

QUOTE | "Sony has had a miserable generation in the console market." — Rob Fahey, former editor of, talking aboutthe harsh lessons Sony has learned and what they need to succeed.

QUOTE | "Dropping a nuclear bomb on GameStop." — Leading games industry analysts react to the rumour that the next PlayStation could block used titles, whichcould prompt GameStop to avoid stocking it.

QUOTE | "Xbox is the one console actually defying gravity." — Matt Barlow, general manager of product marketing at Microsoft's Interactive Entertainment Business, talking about the momentum Xbox 360 has seen and how he expects it to have a huge Christmas.

QUOTE | "Pre-owned has really killed core games." — David Braben, founder of British developer Frontier Developments, talking abouthow single-player core games are dying.

QUOTE | "Ouya will go down in history as something as big as iPhone." — Mark Friedler, game industry veteran, talking about the hugely successful Kickstarter for the Android-powered console Ouya.

QUOTE | "Social and freemium is not where gaming is headed." — Jack Tretton, head of SCEA, talking aboutSony's rough times and how the console business will be better than ever.

QUOTE | "Xbox 360 isn't so good anymore compared to PCs." — Matt Firor, head of Zenimax Online Studios, talking about why we haven't seen successful console MMOs on 360 as part of an in-depth Elder Scrolls Online interview.

QUOTE | "There is a dark underbelly to Xbox Live." — Rob Fahey, former editor of, talking aboutwhat can be done to rescue Xbox Live and online gaming from abusive bullies.

QUOTE | "The single player mechanic is a gimmick — games are meant to be played with others." — Jonas Antonsson, Gogogic CEO, talking about why games are moving toward a sort of multiplayer singularity.

QUOTE | "Technology will drive gameplay, always." — Cevat Yerli, Crytek founder and CEO, talking about the latest edition of CryEngine and the upcoming Crysis 3.

QUOTE | "Nintendo has set up the Wii U for failure." — Dan Hsu, editor in chief of GamesBeat, talking along with journalists and analysts about the mixed critical reception to the Nintendo's launch of the Wii U.

QUOTE | "We're going to be a 100 per cent digital company, period. It's going to be there some day. It's inevitable." — Frank Gibeau, head of EA Labels, talking about the future of Electronic Arts.

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    Why do these analysts always want Nintendo to spread their IP around to other platforms? I don't see people complaining that Halo isn't on other platforms or any other companies exclusive titles aren't spread around. The logic baffles me, the product is in demand so you should give it to your competitors?

    Next jerks on X-Box live are pretty easy to avoid, mute them and submit a player review saying you want to avoid that guy. Problem solved. The tools are there to avoid these donkey holes, you just have to use them.

    Finally Single Player is dead? I don't agree while I enjoy social interaction with friends and sometimes the nameless hordes of the internet, sometimes I can't play with others because my Internet is down or I just don't feel like it, in this situation I am now left with no games because everything has to be multiplayer all the damn time? This is the reason I decided against Diablo 3 (always on DRM) and it's looking like the reason I'll be skipping the new Sim City.

    Looks like I need to read some of these articles instead of just commenting on the quotes.

    I just can't wrap my head on online bullying. There are always mechanisms in place to prevent it.

    I imagine if someone ever got into such a beef with me they'd bother to work around it, I'd just either continue to contact administration or write a script to harass them on an automated basis until they gave in.

    People being arseholes to me online (and vice versa I suppose) is something I've seen since 1998 (Internet? Oh he'll yeah!). My way of dealing? Not caring what a person online thinks of me... Especially an unfaced stranger among many.

    Then again, I've never had someone WHOIS (most moronic idea ever) a domain to come at me. So maybe my experience in online bullying is limited. But if they're using WHOIS, is it really online anymore?

    “Consoles may quickly go the way of the dinosaurs.” - Not in the slightest, and game developers do not need to go Free-to-Pay, not at all. So many experts that think they can tell the game industry how it should be done. An game industry that has over 35 years of experience.

    “Pre-owned has really killed core games.” No it hasn't. It's the same as it's always been. In fact, it is actually price-gouging that is killing retail. Core games are fine - it's as simple as making an profit, same as any other industry. As an example, GTAV will make an killing, and Elder Scrolls V sold more in the series than it ever has. Only thing that effects core games is companies that think they can dish us up trash disguised as Triple A - only they destroy their own reputation, not the reputation of Developers who actually give a damn.

    “There is a dark underbelly to Xbox Live.” All you do is avoid them, or kick their arse! The problem in my eyes is leaderboard hacking - it's too numerous for Microsoft to act like they can't detect it. Most leaderboards are hacked within hours of release, and virtually all games on LIVE are hacked to the shithouse - the actual Leaders of the Leaderboards have to put up with 7th, 10th, or 20th - that's just straight up dirty.

    “The single player mechanic is a gimmick" - you're an absolute fool. Single player and multiplayer go hand-in-hand, and people like you wanna take it away from us. Piss Off!

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