This Week's Most Awesome Cyberpunk Game Trailer Sure Came Out Of Nowhere

I wake up on Monday morning, I check my email and Twitter, and I see some normally-calm friends freaking out over this clip for a game called STEALER, by tiny Russian indie dev Winged Doom.

It's not even a game. Well, not really. It's just a pitch trailer, something put together for mood, to reflect a game that's in the very earliest stages on a drawing board. So what you see above might not ever turn into a thing you can play.

Which would be a crime. Because what's above looks incredible. It's got that rough, raw style you'd expect from a game that's doing the whole cyberpunk thing, taking things back to the 1980s, when games were crunchier and the genre was actually relevant.

You can check out the trailer above, while you can scroll through for some screenshots.

STEALER Teaser [Winged Doom]


    Looks like Stealth Bastard / Flashback / Neuromancer / FRACKING AWESOME!

    Put this video and screenshots up on Kickstarter and you'll have my monies.

    The style and music are quite nice, it's just a shame they've gone for the "retro" 16 bit look. Lost me.

    really cool, how many years do we have to wait?

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