This Woman Is Totally Baffled By Her Wii U's Loading Times

Meet Megumi. She got a Wii U, and she thinks the Wii U's operating system is "too slow". To show how slow it is, Megumi presses the settings icon and then runs a stop watch. It takes nearly 17 seconds. And then, she presses back to the Wii U main menu and clocks that loading time too. That seems to take over 20 seconds.

"You wonder why it's this slow," she says, adding that perhaps the onboard memory and the operating system were bottlenecked. But she wasn't sure.

Wii U owners, how is your GamePad loading? Faster than this? Slower than this? Does this seem about right? Surely, this is something that Nintendo can fix with an OS update...

Wii UのOSは本当に遅いのか検証 [@MEGUMIbernadette via 2ch]


    Mine was around about 16 seconds to open 19 seconds to close.

    Doesn't surprise me, The Wii was slow at loading settings as well I believe the handhelds also.

      The Wii was actually pretty fast at loading things that were offline, but compared to the Gamecube, it was really slow.

      Though everything is really slow compared to the Gamecube.

        Yeah. Everything is slow.
        Except the Xbox, and ps3.
        And why would it matter if it is online?
        Connection speed shouldn't be taken into account for standard load times.

          Im not sure... My ps3 and even PC have vairting Speeds espesially in steam or psn... so im thinking internet speed flux...

    I got my hands on the gamepad for the first time today. But the demo had no playable games... Not as heavy as i expected.

      Gets it a bit awkward to hold depending on what you're playing though. Some Nintendo Land games requires you to hold it with one hand and it's kind of too big to be comfortable enough to do so. But yeah, a lot lighter than I expected too!

    What happened to you Nintendo?
    You use to have the fastest loading times in the industry

      ...when they were offline.

        ... when they were card based media, not optical. N/3DS still loads fast.

    I used to load games from cassette tape, 10 - 15 mins loading times. 16 seconds? Cry me a fucking river. Pardon the French .

      Do you think it would be okay for it to take 7.5 minutes to get in and out of the settings menu in 2012? I mean, it's still twice as fast as loading a C64 game.

      ... and then it may not have even worked. Flip tape and rewind!

    Hmm we already know that its slow, why is this womens rant so important that we have to have the same information repeated again? Im not trying to sugar coat a problem that clearly Nintendo needs to address, but come on, This is ridiculous. Some random women posts a youtube video about a problem that has already been talked about and no one disagrees with? Lame.

      Why do you have to make it about gender?

      And I totally agree with her, and I haven't seen this on the site yet.

        Nobody made this about gender. The point is that this isn't news. Everyone already knows, the topic has been on Kotaku enough already, yet here is some random video from Japan that most readers probably can't understand.

        TL;DR: This shit ain't news. What's it doing here?

          "Why is this women's rant so important?"

          Sure sounds like gender based language to me.

            He(?) probably wrote woman because she is a woman. Would anyone cry sexist if someone commented on a man's video describing him as a man or a bloke? What a world we live in where an observation can be called sexist.

        Yes they have covered it before. Yes nothings changed as of yet. Why do they need to repeat an old story? Because some random PERSON on the internet posts a video? Yeah right

        Just because you haven't seen it before doesn't mean it wasn't already, as i have proven. I knew which is why i commented, you obviously did not.

        Last edited 14/12/12 1:31 pm

          Well I guess I proved by my comment that they were right to run the story, as not all kotaku readers were 100% on the situation, unlike yourself, who is obviously some kind of internet news swat cop / ninja, all seeing, all knowing.

          I rest easier knowing that you're on the site. You will now be my go to guy for all kotaku news.

            You said i was being sexist which i wasnt.

            You also said that some people may not be aware about this which is possible (although kotaku have mentioned this issue on several occasions not just the one i linked). But do they duplicate all stories? Im mean this is all it is. A duplicate story. There is nothing new or nothing that wasnt already written about. If they do this then i expect that they duplicate stories for all consoles, and not specifically Nintendo. I have have yet to seem them do something similar for other consoles, so the reek of bias is ever present. Unless you can prove that they duplicate bad press about other consoles. BTW i mean the same story - without anything new. This is what this article.

            Last edited 14/12/12 4:30 pm

              I guess I'm sensitive to the gender thing now, because there's tons of stuff about it on kotaku. And I have noticed some pretty sexist posters appearing which sucks.

              You're right though, they repeat themselves. But I don't really mind. If I've read it before, I just close it quickly and move on. I like how often this site is updated. Most sites are nowhere near as quick as getting new content on.

      Don't forget that she's JAPANESE!!!11!1one
      That's, like, two whole EXCITING FOREIGN CONCEPTS to bring this important issue to people's attention!

    I don't understand why this is even considered an issue? How many times are people going into their settings menu? I've been in there all of three times and one of those was just to see what's in there.

    It never seems to be mentioned how quick the Wii U is to actually load games. It's by far the quickest console I've seen go from game selection to playing the title.

    I normally wouldn't care about this enough to comment, but enough is enough already.

    When i first got mine it was having network connection problems, took far longer than 20 seconds to load the settings page, somewhere in the 2-5min range (didnt time it).
    Since the network issues have been resolved it takes about ~15-20 secs to load.
    It must phone home when accessing the settings page.

    It's too long for a modern system, hopefully they can patch it later to improve load times.

      But why would it even need to access the net to open the settings?

      If it's the case, you have to wonder what they were smoking when they designed the thing.

    At first skim-read I thought it was just 16 seconds to boot the system, which would be fine. But... from the main menu to the settings page? Wow. Other consoles would be ridiculed for that, and smartphones would have mobs in the streets with torches and pitchforks...

    Thats a guy, look at the adams apple

    I admit that the load times kinda suck but it's not bad enough to warrant so much talk. My PS3 takes longer to load certain things. As someone else said, how often do u need to go into the settings? It would seem some people are just searching for anything to whinge about.

    Sure, it is a little slow but not in the region of "well I might as well go make a coffee"

    My Wii U is similar but its not that slower than my 360.

    My load times are no where near that slow, it takes 9 seconds to load settings and 11 to get back to the home menu.
    I'm loving my wii u:)

    I played around on my Wii-U for the first time last week and didn't notice the loading times too much initially. After a few hours of checking everything though, it gets pretty annoying pretty fast. Jumping between the online component, MiiVerse I think from memory, and the main screen a couple of times, and it gets old. The drawbacks of having SSD's and fast internet connections I guess, you know when something is poorly optimised and or using inferior hardware. Don't get me wrong, I'm not introducing the slow hardware argument in regards to gaming capability, but I can definitely notice it taking too long for a system of this generation.

    Edit: And above everything, I do love the Wii-U, I wasn't going to buy one, but I cracked and it's great fun.

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    Welcome to the world of 80's micro computers :P

    Checking out my sister's console yesterday, I noticed this, and was somewhat disappointed. :(

    Takes about five minutes each time I load anything.cant believe it takes this long to change user settings and such i could understand if it was crazy game...

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