THQ's CEO Has Paid More Than Anyone Else For His Company's Humble Bundle

Right now, the Humble Bundle featuring THQ games has earned more than $US2.3 million, with more Hell, someone's even paid over a thousand dollars for the seven titles on offer. Wait a minute, that name seems familiar…

Jason Rubin is, of, course the CEO of THQ. It stands to reason that he would put his money where his mouth is, since he thinks the company's games — and precipitous future — are worth supporting. And he's probably got lots of disposable income to throw at the name-your-own-price handful of games. Rubin noted that his chunk of cash went entirely to charity:

That's good. Otherwise, it's just a weird sort of recycling.


    While I did not pay $1,000 I did purchase it 6 times at $10 each. Made some nice gifts for myself and others.

    Never get high off your own supply :P

    It'd be nice if it showed the average split, but I think even with proper indy games there'd be an outcry the second the devs made over 10%.

    An average purchase of $5.69 for all those games is kind of disgusting, though.

    2 people paid more already

    I'd like to think the guy's heart's in the right place but given that his donation is only 0.04% of what's been made so far, he's more than likely going to end up getting a heck of a lot more in return. It's very telling that he makes the comment "That should not be taken as a recommendation to others on their split."

      Not sure if you've been following the news, but THQ are in real financial trouble. Have you ever seen a retail publisher offer so many quality titles for practically nothing? I, for one, hope this helps get THQ out of the proverbial shitter. I already owned all the titles in Steam, also own most of them on 360 and PS3 too. Long live THQ!

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