'Til Death, Or Ganon's Next Evil Scheme, Do They Part

This is not a Photoshop mockup, an artist's impression. These are real wedding rings, crafted by Romanian goldsmith Zsolt Székely, a talented guy who specialises in creating custom, one-off designs for aspiring couples.

Like the lucky pair who tied the knot with these amazing Zelda rings.

Zsolt Székely [Official Site, via Fashionably Geek]


    "10Karat yellow gold with 10Karat white gold sleeve and Triforce symbol piercing"

    Something is telling me these arnt your cheap rings :/

    Do want tho :D

    Holy shit these are the coolest rings - wedding or otherwise - that I've ever seen.

    Actually Brent gold is not that expensive

    Fuck, present those to your Zelda loving Girlfriend and bang, she's all yours.

    Looks like you can put diamonds in the triforce, do want... but need love life first.

    How in the world do I get a pair like these??!

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