Tomb Raider Will Have Multiplayer, Studio Confirms

A recent retail listing in the UK indicated that Tomb Raider's 2013 reboot will have a multiplayer mode, with playable characters including "Lara's Shipmates or Yamatai's Scavengers". In a tweet today, an executive for Tomb Raider studio Crystal Dynamics confirmed that the game would have multiplayer and that details are forthcoming in the next Official Xbox Magazine.

Earlier this month, Kirk Hamilton previewed the game and asked about multiplayer, a line of questioning that was immediately, if politely, shut off. The game is due on March 3.

Tomb Raider Multiplayer Announced [IGN]


    uncharted has multiplayer, and this game is essentially a reskinned uncharted for the most part. So I would expect the same 3rd person climby shooter.

    *sigh* Why? I am really looking forward to this game but have zero interest in playing multiplayer.
    I love uncharted but never touched its multiplayer either. I hear that its great but I play these games for a fantastic single player experience... i play other for their multiplayer.

    Who knows though. This may finally be the one to hook me

    Here's hoping it's a solid "extra-curricula" to the game. It's being developed by Eidos Montreal in separate to the single player offering.
    Though I have no expectations - if it's good, then awesome. If not, I wasn't expecting it anyway so I'm not bothered.

    Why? Does adding multiplayer modes to single player games actually boost sales in any appreciable way? It always feels like they're wasting money developing an extra that almost nobody is actually wanting to have.

      Having multiplayer ensures that at least a portion won't be returning the game immediately after finishing the campaign, which increases the likelihood of brand new copies of the game being sold before reselling used copies.

        That's their reasoning at least, but I wonder if it actually works. If I was someone that traded in games, I know that having multiplayer wouldn't make me keep it after I finish the single player, because I'm unlikely to even touch it.

      I don't think multiplayer is added to boost sales, i think it's more or less designed to squeeze more money out of sales, since majority of games with multiplayer tend to die out very quickly, or at least i've seen in the past couple of years.

      With digital distribution and faster internet and increased space, it gives publishers the ability to sell more of their product to their consumer compared to last gen, which any new content was left for another game. Publishers (which are the ones typically pulling the strings here) can sell their game and offer additional DLC or a season pass for multiplayer content after they've sold the game to the consumer, and hence can squeeze more out of them. One reason i can see why multiplayer DLC is the poison of choice over singleplayer content is mostly attachment rates, where people will play through single player content once (typically) versus people tend to play multiplayer content more often, and are more attached to the brand, increasing the likelihood of selling more DLC down the track.

      All in all, I see that adding multiplayer modes as mostly a marketing thing, to increase brand attachment and to make the most of their consumer, rather than actually giving anything to the consumer themselves (i.e. most people who would just avoid it anyway)

    Why? What's the gametype going to be? Everybody beat up the Lara player and listen to her moan?

    Pre-order canceled.

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