Transforming Minecraft Maps Into Stunning Works Of Art

When you play Minecraft, it's in your face, it's blocky, and it's all rather immediate. You rarely get the sense of scale, or even wonder, that an entire world can contain from any single vantage point. The game's simplistic graphics don't help things.

But, as PC Gamer explains, when you convert a Minecraft world into a 3D model then pass it through some rendering... wow. Just... wow.

The software you need to do something like this yourself is free, and relatively easy to use.

These images, of the PC Gamer server and taken by Graham Smith, are what you get at the other end.

Minecraft renders: Azeroth, the PC Gamer server, and how to make your own [PC Gamer]


    And they say games can't be art.

    neat, looks like a sim city game or a rpg map

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