Trials Evolution’s New DLC Will Make You Swear A Lot

Trials Evolution’s New DLC Will Make You Swear A Lot

In preparation for the release of the new Trials Evolution DLC — Riders of Doom — I played through some old tracks over the weekend. Despite the fact that Trials Evolution is about riding a bike, playing Trials Evolution is not like riding a bike. Boy was I rusty. If the above info on the new Trials Evolution DLC is correct, I might need some more practice. Apparently it features some of the most insanely difficult extreme tracks yet.

I’m almost a little terrified.

Perhaps the most intriguing new feature is the randomly generating track, which forces players to play through a constantly changing level with extreme level challenges. Sounds like good practice. And I need all the practice I can get.


  • Man that looks awesome. That randomly generated extreme track will be what I play the most I think. Can’t wait for this to come out.

    Also love seeing these guys just stuffing around at the office. Such a great bunch of blokes. Makes me want to go back 🙁

  • So I hear Trials is difficult but rewarding – is it the kind of “game feels glitchy” difficult, or the “i can’t pass it because i’m not good enough yet” difficult?

    • Definitely the latter. If you can’t pass something, you suck :P.

      But it’s the greatest feeling when you finally figure it out and eventually pass it (albeit with over 400 faults)

    • Greenius is right. I think Mark touched on it in another post, its s game of skill that you truly have to work at to get good. I mean it starts off easy enough but seriously the latter part of the game can be brutal to a new player.

      The physics are spot on and consistent and for the most part, the playing field is completely level apart from your skill.. so beating your friends times is a true achievement. The payoff for ytour effort is so sweet. that feeling of completing something that i take like a drug and keep coming back for more.

      I also love that it’s pick up and play so even with 10 mins spare i’ve been known to chuck the console on.

    • The way I’ve described it to people is that its so frustrating that you’ll need to invent new swear words as you play but its simultaneously so damned fun that you’ll eventually notice you’ve been playing all night and its 5am and still don’t want to stop

  • 400MS points is a steal! I’m once again hyped for Trials 😀

    Watch out @markserrels @batguy @sughly @fatshady (lol who am I kidding)

      • I’d rather save the sadness for another day :P. I pretty much only ran through those once and haven’t had the chance to go back and get some proper times yet.

        Not like I’d beat you anyway :'(

        • Im actually worried because i know a number of my times have been beaten. I need to make some time to go back and clean them (you lot) up but everyone has learnt their lesson. If you beat me, just don’y say anything and you will hold the record for months 😉

          And i’m sure you guys are getting much better.. we really should do a night together if you lot are keen, perhaps when the DLC comes out?

          • I’m not on Xbox Live Gold but I have a few of those trial codes lying around somewhere. I lag a bit so it’s not as fun but me and @mythamphetamine played a bit and it was a lot of fun. Let me know how things go, sounds like fun!

  • I’d get on this, but I just bought the Dark Souls dlc and have picked up that habit again…I might not be playing anything else for a little while yet.

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