Unicorn Lair? Surely, The North Korean Government Is Kidding, Right?

Unicorns are the stuff of, I dunno, unicorns. They're fantasy! This isn't the 1600s, and we know better. But in North Korea, which sometimes seems like it's stuck in the 1600s, the government's central news agency is running a story about a unicorn lair. That's correct, a lair where a unicorn lived.

Here is the entire article, because honestly, it must be read to be believed — or disbelieved. Whatever. It's bananas. I'm posting the article as it appears on the country's official mouthpiece's site, if anything, for proof that it actually did. Have a look:

North Korean propaganda can get interesting (if you haven't seen it, the Vice documentary is definitely worth watching). But a unicorn lair? To prove Pyongyang was the capital of Ancient Korea? Really?

It's like the North Korean government is getting revenge against The Onion for naming Kim Jong-un the sexiest man alive.

Lair of King Tongmyong's Unicorn Reconfirmed in DPRK [Korean Central News Agency of DPRK via @chicoharlan via @taniabranigan via BeijingCream]

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    Ever considered that "unicorn lair" could be just....I dunno ... figurative?

      It is a mistranslation. The carving actually says 'urainium lair.'.

    Perhaps there was an error in translation, and it's not a unicorn lair afterall - but a unicorn liar. A lying unicorn. The swine.

      No it's a pronunciation problem us westerners have. It's actually "Unicoln rair"

    It actually reads UNICRON because there is a big fucking transformable robot in there.

    North Korea is best Korea

    Is it really so different from our own documented fairy tales? WMD's in Iraq.. Obama catching Bin Laden then carelessly losing any evidence of that actually happening.. a horse with a horn seems almost ordinary by comparison.

      I agree, plus for all we know "unicorn" is simply the name of a horse or whatever that kind rode. It's not necessarily an actual unicorn


        Why did I write "kind"?

    North Korea public education must be awesome. I bet the first edition Monster Manual is in their library in the reference section.

    Nonsense. Unicorns aren't real!!

    Now everyone, back to your normal routine.

    There's nothing to see here...

    My Pegasus beats your Unicorn :P

    Also, it's interesting to point out that the Unicorn is from Greek Mythology... obviously North Korea doesn't mind that fact, and also the fact that Greece is the birthplace of Democracy, which is ironic, really.

    As Brian "knows everything Asian" probably already knows, the story of Amaterasu, Izanagi and Izanami is far more whack than the above article. But hey, everyone's allowed to be prejudiced if its an infamous country

    A couple of times a year I drive through a town with a statue of a Yowie and I'm relatively sure that kind of thing exists all over the world, in all kinds of cultures. Brian may find this hard to believe but some of it's even in reference to popular myths that no one actually believes were real but are culturally and historically significant. No one allow him to go in to a church, his head may explode.

    Quick, someone tell Mike Fahey so he can get his brony hardon

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