Valve Collection Pulled From Steam For Australian Users?

Steam and Australia have always had an odd relationship, with pricing disparities being the thorniest issue. Pricing's not the problem today though, rather availability — it looks like the Valve Collection, which contains 25 titles from the company's own catalogue, is no longer available to Oz on the popular digital distribution service.

If you try and hit up the URL directly for the Valve Collection (or Valve Complete Pack), you'll just be redirected to the main Steam page. On the other hand, if you visit it via a proxy, the pack appears perfectly fine.

According to this Reddit thread, the pack was available as recently as yesterday. The comments in the thread speculate that because the pack includes the uncensored version of the Left 4 Dead, the entire collection has been removed from sale.

Which is a shame, as it includes Dota 2, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, both Portals and every Half-Life released for $US49.99. Let us know if you picked the pack up while it was available!

Valve Complete Pack [Steam, via Reddit]


    well for those that defend steam over the pricing issue, heres evidence that valve themselves are guilty if they wish to block Australians from it.

      You can't blame Valve for this, use your head for 1 second. But you can thank the Australian Classification Board for censoring L4D making it illegal to be sold here without censorship.

      Did you read the article? It is most likely due to the fact that L4D2 is censored in Australia and they can't sell the uncensored version.

        Key word "most likely" which means its not a fact

          L4D2 is in the bundle, it's uncensored, it cannot be sold here. Seriously, did you even read it?

          That also doesn't mean it's not true or that your idea is somehow more valid.

          If I said something stupid without reading the article first I might be inclined to keep on arguing too!!

          Not fact, but a hell of a lot more likely then RARR STEAM IS EVIL JUST BECAUSE, ARRR

        Because a simple copy/paste of the deal substituting L4D2 with the censored version would have been oh so hard.

          Please, give me more insight into the back end of how Steam works, by the sounds of it you must have worked there and know how they code Steam.

      Or maybe it's... you know... that there's a game that was legally banned in it in its uncensored form and they want to actually make sure they follow the law and not get fined by the Aust. Govt. for selling a banned game in Australia as they actually CAN be if they were to go ahead and do that? If it contains an uncensored version of L4D2, then it cannot be sold here unless its modified for us to have the censored version. Do a little research first before making dumb accusations.

        Yeah, I am sure they are so concerned with a complete non threat from the AU government.

      Dunno what you're talking about, Valve prices their games fairly.

      I don't believe Valve has ever regionally priced one of their games for Australia. You can sort of blame Valve for not resisting pressure from Australian distributors from bullshitting our digital prices for OTHER games but I don't think that this particular incident has anything to do about that.

        Its a double edged sword... Look at Gog, even they had to cave in when a publisher pushed for them to change the witcher 2 pricing

        Steam has the option to say "One Price or no sale" the publisher could very qucikly pull all their games form Steam and then steam wont have any games for people to buy.

        Steam has to make money as well and there is only so far they can bend before somethings going to snap.

        If users keep paying, publishers will keep charging. The only way out of it is to not pay the higher price for regional priced games. I migrated my Steam account to a US account and have never looked back. I havent payed Steam AU pricing for years. Steam dont care, they make money either way,

          How did you manage to migrate your account? Ive tried googling but it shows up immigration stuff lol..

    This happens every year. How is it so hard for them to change the bundle just for Australians to include the censored version instead?


      Last edited 19/06/15 9:56 am

        Agreed. I got it and I have to keep changing a file to uncensor it. Sorta killed my enthusiam for the game having to fix it all the time.

          Gifted version from NZ or the US are full uncensored :D

    pulled? is was never available?

      It was, for the first day or so. I browsed through the bundle a couple of times myself :)

        The bundle has been on Steam page for some time however it was never available to AUssies, In saying that who would want the AUS bundle with the censored L4D2 in it...

          i don't know what happened to you, but i was able to see it for the first day, and I live in AUS

      The Valve collection was freely available on Steam for Australian users until Left 4 Dead 2 came out, then it was pulled and never returned.

    I don't know why people keep saying that it's because of uncensored L4D2, nobody knows this as fact and also I don't know why that would be a reason to pull it, I know it was legally banned but The walking Dead game is on steam and that wasn't even submitted for rating, which means by law it cannot be sold to an australian hence why it is not on australian XBLA/PSN, but yet for some rea($)on it's fine for steam. It's the same reason Australia doesn't have the XBLA indie store. No Rating, No sale

      You don't' think selling a game that was legally banned might be a reason to remove it from sale? The Walking Dead may not have been submitted for ratings, I don't know. I know there's a fair bit of uncertainty with games that are only purchased digitally (Mobile games, for example) But while it may not have been rated, it still means it wasn't explicitly banned from sale.

    on another note anyone able to Load the site properly.. mine just times out.. and displays text and broken images.. :(

    I don't get why this is suddenly news. This has been the case for EVERY major Steam sale. The pack was never available to Australia, not now and not in the past. It is almost certainly because of L4D2 since there's nothing else in there that's been an issue in Australia. Valve have always played fair by their customers and (regrettably in this case) the governments of the countries they're from. Blame our screwed up ratings system for this, not Valve. Here's hoping they resubmit L4D2 once the R rating is in effect. Then hopefully we won't have to deal with this crap anymore.

      The Valve pack was never available here? I must be living in a different Australia.

        I, too, live in Different Australia. It is a pretty cool place. Steam even sold the Valve pack here for a while.

    Don't they have the technology to vary the package depending on where you are purchasing from? Or even to offer an australian version of the bundle?

    No probs if people get uncensored, just use this
    tried and tested on three accounts

    Aha, I was wondering what the deal was, and now I know!
    I've got pretty much everything of worth from Valve already, including the uncensored L4D2, so I passed over the pack when it first showed up, but it DID show up. It was originally available, unlike what stendec says up there.

    During the last big Steam sale, I picked up a GTA pack which had separate editions of the games included In The pack that I could download that were censored. But the uncensored versions were included too but locked so I couldn't download them. Why can't Valve do the same?

    Well things get more interesting this morning. Blocked steam sale for today is the portal franchise. Explain that one steam apologists...

    Haven't been able to even access the store page locally for the last couple of days.. all the other parts of the Steam Client functioning no problem but the store just comes up as an unformatted webpage. I jumped on my USA VPN and sure enough, the store pages loads just fine without any errors.. so definitely something screwy going on, maybe that was during the time they were discussing whether to pull it or not etc.. Either way, I'm not overly impressed with the current sales, both Steam and others, at this time and I've yet to buy anything since Far Cry 3 and Battlefield 3 last month.

    Well hopefully when the 18+ kicks in fully these banned / censored games will be reclassified so they can be sold in Australia unmodified.

    More typical Distributor bull, raise the price or just completely cut access instead of spending 30 seconds to un-tick the offending game from the bundle if you live in oz.

    Asking Valve for a Region Lock-Free Steam account was the best thing I've ever done. Dont have to worry at all about this - I do still have to use a proxy when I want to use the USA store for some things that dont appear.

    Very handy when I go to the USA, so I can still make purchases without being locked out of steam.

    Finally Kotaku reports something thats actually worth the time to read.

    For those people who think it is about L4D, the uncensored version was classified in Australia this year.

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