Valve Fans Create Gear So Good It's Officially Going In A Game

Like it's done with Team Fortress 2, Valve recently reached out to members of the Polycount forums to see who could make the best gear for its DOTA 2 game.

The winners were announced over the course of last week, with the very best not only set to appear in the game's next update, but as is Steam Workshop policy the creators will all be getting a cut of paid download sales.

The overall winner was Danidem and Hunter's "Rider of the Storm" mount for Disruptor, but I'm quite partial to Sniper's chappish "Tally Ho" set as well.

Frostivus and Polycount Contest Winner — Best Overall [DOTA 2]

Disruptor, the overall winner.


    As far as I know, they've been implementing fan created gear for ages now... it's not like it's new.

      yeah this, this was just a special competition for some super high quality sets. the workshop has been accepting items for a while now

        And they already did a competition like this for Team Fortress 2.

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