Vote For Your Game Of The Year

Vote For Your Game Of The Year
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Okay, this is the big one. I really want everyone to vote for their game of the year, mainly so people can’t complain when the game they like doesn’t win! So get in and vote!

It’s an almighty list, but these are all the games that were nominated by you guys and girls last week. Have at it!
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Best Handheld/Mobile Game Of 2012
Best Indie/Downloadable Game Of 2012
Best Console Game Of 2012
Best PC Game Of 2012


  • Shamefully, I’ve only played three games from the list.

    At the same time, I had a great time replaying a few of the classics this year, including Zelda Wind Waker. What a game! One of Nintendo’s finest.

    • The games i played most and loved this year were. Skyward Sword, Twilight Princess and Paper Mario-The Thousand year door. They’re my games for 2012.

    • I have Wind Waker and Ocarina of Time on my pile of shame. Intending to get them finished in the next month or so.

      • Tim, seriously, do you self a favour Molly Meldrum style and play Wind Waker. I would love to play that game again having never played it before. Now knowing how brilliant it is.

  • That list is awfully long with a massive swath of undeserved titles, biggest ones being kid icarus, diablo 3, (these two were downright terrible) super mario bros (a 100th rehash as goty? what a joke), pokemon bw 2 (worst in the series).

    Seems a very very odd list indeed, I voted for persona 4 golden since its the only game on that list that i bought/played that I would actually give a score of 8/10 or better even if it is a remake of an old game (Though they revamped and added a hell of alot more stuff, more than any pokemon or mario ever did)

    • As someone who had never played a Diablo game properly before, I really liked Diablo 3.

      I mean, until the horrible lack of an endgame.

      But yeah, I can’t justify “hating” a game I realistically paid 70$ for and then played for over 80 hours with up to 15 of my friends at different points. Regardless of how it ended, I definitely got my moneys worth and then some.

      So yeah, I’d say it was a good game and a bad sequel based on most peoples opinion.

      And please no one tell me “you cant judge coz you didnt play diablo”. Sequels have the right to be judged on individual merit.

      • Yes but by its own merits alone diablo 3 was worse in every aspect of its core gameplay, that alone makes it awful. The actual forced DRM ruined the game at high difficulties, the lack of stats pigeon holed each class to one specific build completely removing any uniqueness or any straying from the “optimal” path.

        The only real improvement they made was graphics. With that said if it was launched under a different name i.e. not a diablo game people would have hated it much less. As it stands however every player of 2 was expecting something alot better it was at least in my opinion a gigantic backstep over its predecessor.

        @ Mawt I dont really understand what your getting at but “new” super mario bro’s 2 is, count it, the 15th or so remake of the same game. No matter what has changed (Very little other than graphics) it can’t be a GOTY, i find it semi disturbing that people would even think so. Same goes doubly for the wiii U version.

        Kid icarus was pretty much universally panned.spanked by critics and users alike didnt think that needed much more.

        Black and White 2 is basically and bad reskin of the BW, all they seemed to do was change the direction you went about the map and made it. At least other games have had some improvements new pokemon/areas or well anything, I honestly feel its the first in the series that was a pure 100% ridiculous cash grab. Defiantly not game of the year material by any stretch.

        @ Mark i suppose my point was why didn’t you cull some of the obvious bad choices ๐Ÿ˜›

        • “Yes but by its own merits alone diablo 3 was worse in every aspect of its core gameplay, that alone makes it awful. The actual forced DRM ruined the game at high difficulties, the lack of stats pigeon holed each class to one specific build completely removing any uniqueness or any straying from the “optimal” path.”

          By its own merits it was worse than what? Doesn’t sound like you are judging it on its own merits.

          DRM had no effect on difficulty, except hardcore for australians I guess. I played Inferno fine.

          I never noticed a problem with stats. These all sound like “i wanted it to be like diablo 2 and it wasnt” problems from here. I just enjoyed the experience, until the Inferno Auction House endgame, and I don’t think we should be downrating a sequel just because people enjoyed the first one.

          For a first time player it was a smooth and enjoyable experience for about 90% of the time. I had a lot of fun before I put it down.

          • Please don’t fob off DRM so arrogantly (with that ridiculous blanket statement), it makes you sound like a fanboy. The fact is playing at the 2/300 odd ping I and all my friends got plus the abhorrent rubber banding killed me more times than any lack of skill or smart AI did.

            Diablo and those kinds of games in general are all about the harder stuff they are all about the best loot, the DRM killed any fun in that for alot of people. The Stat stuff and complete lack of choice in skill trees also did that. By its own merits compared to many other games in the genre (recently torchlight1/2) It was afwul because of the above reasons it was made even worse by the fact that it WAS a diablo game which has a rabid fan base. The game was hyped for ages, as bigger better in every aspect. These expectations made it fall flat on its face because as i stated it was worse in every way compared those that came before it, which is not acceptable.

          • Yes, your opinion is different to mine and so I must be incorrect.

            Similarly your personal subjective evidence carries much more weight than mine, silly me.

            I’m in no way a fan boy, as I had never played another Diablo game, but I think I’m more than entitled to suggest that I had fun and enjoyed playing this game – without lag 99% of the time – and had no issues personally with DRM.

            Why does the fact that I enjoy a game you apparently didn’t offend you so much? Seriously bro, u mad?

          • Opinions in todays day and age or often wrong because they are incorrectly used like you have done.

            Your “opinion” that “DRM had no effect on difficulty” is wrong. That is your interpretation of what ever data you have and you came to the wrong conclusion. You couldn’t be more wrong.

            As I stated 200+ ping and rubber banding got you killed hardcore or otherwise that makes it harder to play.

            I never once said anything about your enjoyment, i jsut stated that the game was inferior to others in the genre and to its predecessors, so please go back under your bridge as your misinformed and down right moronic “opinion” isn’t wanted.

          • The only one being moronic here is you.

            I’m perfectly justified in saying that IN MY OWN EXPERIENCE DRM had no effect on difficulty, and that I played successfully into Inferno without seeing any of the “issues” you fan boys seems to love whining about.

            If you have a 100 page report signed by 10 million players saying it did for them, that’s fine, but it doesn’t negate that my gaming experience was perfectly fine.

            You “stating” that the game is inferior to others in the genre is also an opinion, as is saying it is inferior to its predecessors since its clearly superior in a variety of ways (if not all ways). The graphics spring to mind as a clear example of this, which is why blanket statements are the refuge of the misinformed and the biased.

            Basically, your opinions aren’t facts any more than mine are so maybe you should get down off your high horse and stop trying to convince people that you are somehow justified in prioritising your opinion over other peoples. I’ve seen no one else say that my opinion “isn’t wanted”, and seen no one say that yours is.

            Now, if you have any actual points which aren’t misrepresented “facts” or childish namecalling now would be the time to bring them up.

            Otherwise, you can kindly fuck off.

    • Despite being someone who never thought that Gold/Silver/Crystal would never be beaten for the title of best Pokรฉmon game, Black/White 2 are, without a doubt, the best games in the franchise.

  • I never thought I’d ever do it. I never thought I would vote for this particular game for Game of the Year. I never thought my vote would go towards a Call of Duty game. I always thought I would fanboy over the latest Halo game. I thought I would vote for a 2 hour indie game over it.

    But the truth is, I had fun playing the campaign, and last night I stepped into the multiplayer for the first time.
    Man, I was laughing for hours at the dole bludgers pathetic attempts at being tough or cool.

  • I voted my Far cry 3, only because Day Z wasn’t on the list. I didn’t do much gaming this year, but of the amount I did do, Day Z gave me the most enjoyment.

  • Anna’s Quest \o/
    Great game. Also, it’s one of very few games that I’ve played from this year. Beat out AC3 though! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Journey.

    Easily my choice for Game of the Year because no other game has ever come close to delivering the experience that it did.

    From the soundtrack to the drop-in co-op to the beautifully floaty jump mechanics to the visuals to the journey you go on, this game easily ranks as my favourite games ever played.

  • Am I alone in being relatively unimpressed with 2012 game releases? Some good ones, but nothing I’ll be waxing nostaglic about in 5 years time.

    • Nope, I personally haven’t played any game that i instantly thought GOTY when played. As awesome as persona 4 golden is, its still a remark so not as impressive as say red dead redemption, GTA 4, gears 1/3 (2 Sucked online), Saints row 1 or mass effect 1 were (2 and 3 of both were rubbish imo)

      • Im more than surprised! When i will look back at this year in the future, i dont see Fez, i dont see Hotline Miami, i dont see SSX, nor Mario or anything else, i see games like Mass Effect. I want games like that to define this year… not some silly little indie game. Sure, they might be fun, but not genre-defining.
        I mean, WHY do we see Pokemon Black and White on this list AND NOT Mass Effect? Sure, Pokemon might be good, but should it really take its place on the list?

  • There is no game that I came even close to having as much fun with as I did with Forza Horizon. And I don’t even like racing games all that much.

  • I just did something crazy. I actually didnt vote for Trials here. I voted for them in the downloadable portion, but I just had to vote for walking dead. This game has captivated my imagination for a while now, made me feel a part of a story, brilliantly delivered episodic content and made the whole experience feel amazingly fresh and exciting.

    Absolute GOTY for me. Totally new experience that was a blast from start to finish.

    Trials Evo is still amazing and I played at least 10X more Evo than the walking dead and the new DLC sounds amazing!! but TWD for this one for sure.,


    Ok, I know I pimped that game so hard this year and I hope you all gave it a chance, even those of you that didn’t pick up Shadows of the Damned last year.

    But the best game of this year is hands-down, Walking Dead. Proof that the point-and-click adventure game format isn’t dead, proof that games don’t need the fanciest graphics or pulse-pounding action to keep us interested, and above all it have a child character that I didn’t hate, that I genuinely cared about, and that influenced my behaviour and choices.

    While Spec Ops did some wonderful things with commentary and storytelling this year, Telltale’s Walking Dead was the one game that I simply couldn’t get enough of. Maybe that isn’t fair because I had to wait for each episode, but I don’t really care. Whatever they did, it worked.

  • As I clicked this I was thinking “KATAWA SHOUJO GAME OF THE YEAR FOR ALL YEARS”

    Then scrolled… Where is KS

    Where is KS

    Holy shit they don’t have… Oh! There it is! Excellent ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Only because no one else has said it, I’m giving my vote to Guild Wars 2. Yeh, it’s still kinda buggy here and there but what the game tried to do is enough for me to give them the nod. (Realistically though, I’m tossing up between 3 or 4 but they have been mentioned by other people already so I won’t bother.)

  • Spec Ops: The Line, for its amazing message that 90% of reviewers seemed to miss (looking at you, IGN, you sellout piece of shit).

      • I can see /why/ you could want to market it like that, because it could reach those that need to hear its message. But would 2K actually market it that way? Of course not.

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