War Z Creator Says His Game’s Trademark Wasn’t Suspended

War Z Creator Says His Game’s Trademark Wasn’t Suspended

Over the past few days, I’ve received tons of tips and e-mails about the trademark for controversial zombie game The War Z, which seems to have been suspended in November after a claim from Paramount, the studio behind World War Z.

Depending what the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office does next, the people behind The War Z could be forced to change the game’s name.

So I reached out to War Z creator Sergey Titov, who told me that he doesn’t think it’s suspended.

“This is our actual trademark,” he said, sending me a link to their trademark filing. “I assume what you see is one of the preliminary applications since it said that it suspended because other application exist.”

However, when I checked out the trademark status on the link he sent me, it took me to a listing that says the trademark has been suspended: “An Office action suspending further action on the application has been sent (issued) to the applicant.”

Titov hasn’t been able to clear up the discrepancy just yet.

“I’ve sent email to our lawyer who filed application and working with uspto to provide more details on all this,” Titov said, “so as soon as I’ll hear back I’ll forward you more details.”

I’ll keep you updated as Titov shares more information.


  • I predicted this was going to happen back when I first heard the name of the game 😉 I’m betting this piece of crap game goes out of business very soon…

  • No one in their right mind would want this game any more, irrespective of its trademark/patent status or eventual name.
    Sergey Titov must be the dodgiest, shiftiest, most bullshitting game developer of 2012 (if not of all time). There is nothing this guy says that isn’t found to be untrue, incorrect or misleading.

  • The more I hear from this company, the more it seems like the guy running it is crazier than Clive Palmer!
    It seems like the guy has absolutely no idea what is going on with his product and just handballs problems to subject matter experts, which would normally be fine, except he insists on commenting without having all the information.
    They really need to hire a dedicated community or PR person, its getting beyond a joke.
    If the WarZ tanks, it honestly seems like Sergey will only have himself to blame for all the stupid press and interviews he’s done lately (though I’m sure he’ll blame a hostile industry or the players).

  • It will be a miracle if this game ever sees a complete release, at this point i doubt a name change could change the fate that awaits this game.
    The developers have become loathed by the majority of gamers, the game at the moment is what it is, it’s alright for an alpha but nothing special and certainly not a full release.
    My real problem is the dishonesty shown by the developers every interview seems to involve them denying any and all complaints of the game until there is so much evidence to back the complaints that they cant deny them anymore.

  • Not sure how many of you have actually tried the game.. I think its a great Beta.. the PVP is brutal and you can’t trust anyone, but other than that, i’ve been enjoying it.


    • The problem is that it wasnt advertised as a beta, they have deliberately censored the community, they made promises they didn’t keep, they stole advertising material, they lied about the game content and its coming from games developers who have a proven track record of making sub-par and unfinished games.

      Whether it’s good as a game in its “beta” is immaterial since they have already squandered any possible chance of it being taken seriously in the gaming community – regardless of its potential.

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